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DEPARTMENT OF WATER SUPPLY <br />COUNTY OF HAWAII <br />WATER BOARD MEETING <br />AGENDA <br />MEETING DATE: January 28, 2020 <br />TIME: 10:00 a.m. <br />PLACE: Department of Water Supply, Hilo Operations Center Conference Room, <br />889 Leilam Street, Hilo, Hawaii <br />1) CALL TO ORDER — 10:00 a.m. (please turn cell phones off or set to silent) <br />2) STATEMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC <br />3) APPROVAL OF MINUTES — Minutes of the December 17, 2019, Water Board Meeting <br />4) <br />5) <br />APPROVAL OF ADDENDUM AND/OR SUPPLEMENTAL AGENDA (if necessary) <br />(Note: Roll Call Required) <br />POWER COST CHARGE: <br />Departmental power costs from all power sources decreased since the last Power Cost Charge rate <br />was determined. The Department proposes to decrease the Power Cost Charge from $2.00 to $1.90 <br />per thousand gallons as a result of this decrease. Power cost charges over the past two years were <br />as follows: <br />Effective <br />PCC <br />October 1, 2019 <br />$2.00 <br />June 1, 2019 <br />$1.96 <br />February 1, 2019 <br />$1.89 <br />August 1, 2018 <br />$1.94 <br />April 1, 2018 <br />$1.88 <br />December 1, 2017 <br />$1.62 <br />A Public Hearing will have been held prior to this Board meeting to accept public testimony on this <br />change. <br />RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended that the Board approve the decrease of the Power Cost <br />Charge from $2.00 to $1.90, effective February 1, 2020. <br />6) SOUTH HILO: <br />A. JOB NO. 2018-1099, PANA`EWA WELLS B & C REPAIR — REQUEST FOR <br />TIME EXTENSION: <br />The contractor, Beylik Drilling & Pump Service, Inc., is requesting a contract time extension of <br />90 calendar days. The manufacturer has encountered challenges with furnishing pumps that <br />meet the requirements of the contract specifications and have exhausted their options for <br />corrective work without success. These delays were beyond the control of the contractor. <br />Note: There are no additional costs associated with this time extension. <br />Page 1 of 6 January 28, 2020, Water Board Agenda <br />