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May 2019 MERIT APPEALS BOARD <br /> Purpose: To hear and decide appeals relating to the following: <br /> Recruitment and examination; <br /> Classification and reclassification of a particular position; <br /> Initial pricing of classes; and <br /> Other employment actions, including disciplinary actions for failure of the <br /> employees to meet performance requirement. <br /> (Note: Employees, as the term is used here, refers to those <br /> employees who are not covered by a collective bargaining <br /> agreement.) <br /> Shall appoint and may at pleasure remove the Director of Human <br /> Resources. <br /> Authority: Hawai'i Revised Statutes, Sections 76-14, 76-47, 76-51, 76-71, 76-75 <br /> Hawai'i County Charter, Section 7-1.2 <br /> Appointment: Mayor with Council approval. Normal five-year staggered terms. <br /> Full Membership: Five members. <br /> Specific Representation: None required. <br /> Requirements: May not be in an elective or appointive position in state or county <br /> government. May not, while on the Board, serve as an officer or committee <br /> member of any political party organization, including a precinct organization, <br /> or present oneself as a candidate or be a candidate for nomination or <br /> election to any public office at any election. <br /> Meetings: Normally,one morning meeting the third Wednesday of each month at <br /> Human Resources Conference Room, Hilo. <br /> Financial Disclosure: Members must file Financial Disclosure within 20 working days of taking <br /> the oath of office. Thereafter, annual disclosures must be filed on or before <br /> January 31. The disclosures are confidential and will be kept on file by the <br /> Board of Ethics. County Code, Chapter 2,Section 2-91.1. <br /> Qualities: Members shall be persons that can objectively apply the merit principle to <br /> public employment. <br /> Current Members: Luahiwa Namahoe, Chair,Term Expires 12/31/20 <br /> William Chillingworth, Vice-Chair,Term Expires 12/31/21 <br /> Mitch Tam, Member,Term Expires 12/31/19 <br /> Melvin Ventura, Member,Term Expires 12/31/22 <br /> Isabella Hughes,Term Expires 12/31/23) <br /> Secretary/Contact: Glynis Yamada <br /> 961-8361 <br /> Attorney Assigned: J Yoshimoto, Deputy Corporation Counsel <br /> *The information on this sheet is condensed. For full information see appropriate Sections of the <br /> County Charter, County Code, and/or Hawaii Revised Statutes. <br />