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Merit Appeals Board <br /> County of Hawaii <br /> Board Members and their term expiration dates are: <br /> Luahiwa Namahoe, Chair December 31, 2020 <br /> William Chillingworth, Vice-Chair December 31, 2021 <br /> Mitch Tam, Member December 31, 2019 <br /> Melvin Ventura, Member December 31, 2022 <br /> Isabella Hughes December 31, 2023 <br /> As outlined in Section 76-14, Hawai'i Revised Statutes, Merit Appeals Board decides appeals <br /> from any action under Chapter 76 taken by the chief executive,the director, an appointing <br /> authority, or a designee acting on behalf of one of these individuals, relating to: 1) recruitment <br /> and examination; 2) classification and reclassification of a particular position; 3) initial pricing of <br /> classes; and 4) other employment actions under Chapter 76, including disciplinary actions and <br /> adverse actions for failure to meet performance requirements, taken against civil service <br /> employees who are excluded from collective bargaining coverage under Section 89-6. <br /> In addition, the board appoints the director of human resources who serves at the board's <br /> pleasure. <br /> Page updated: May 2019 <br />