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r-- <br />I D <br />l ~~ _.~ ~ <br />RESOLUTION NO. 6Va~ ~'.3 <br />WHEREAS, Edith Kanakaole, affectionately known as "Aunty Edith" <br />touched the lives of both young and old, lecturing, demonstrating, <br />chanting and imparting her valuable lessons of history in the <br />culture, dance, music and language of Hawaii; and <br />WHEREAS, she served the community in a number of ways, <br />includ-ing chairing various community activities, serving on boards <br />of different kinds and fulfilling the role of an active and <br />contributing citizen; and <br />WHEREAS, she received the "Order of Distinction for Cultural <br />Leadership" from Governor George Ariyoshi on behalf of the State of <br />Hawaii, the State Council on Hawaiian Heritage and the State <br />Foundation for Culture and Arts; was also named a "National Living <br />Treasure" by the Emperor of Japan; she had bestowed on her the very <br />rare "Order of Pauahi" granted by the Board of Trustees of the <br />Kamehameha Schools; was recognized as the "Outstanding Hawaiian" by <br />the Statewide Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs; and her album, <br />"Ha'aku'i Pele i Hawaii:" was awarded the coveted "Na Hoku" award as <br />the Best Traditional Hawaiian album; and <br />WHEREAS, along with her numerous international, national, state <br />and county special recognitions and awards, December 9, 1978 was <br />proclaimed as the "Edith Kekuhikuhipu'uone Kanakaole Day" by Mayor <br />Herbert T. Matayoshi; and ' <br />WHEREAS, Aunty Edith's many outstanding halau performances were <br />done at the Civic Auditorium and the Hoolulu Indoor Tennis Stadium, <br />especially during the Merrie Monarch Festivals; and <br />WHEREAS, the woman Edith Kanakaole had blessed the earth with <br />her love, her creativity and her intellectual abilities in such a <br />way that we all benefitted. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE COUNTY OF <br />HAWAII that in recognition of the many outstanding contributions <br />Aunty Edith has made to the Island of Hawaii and the State of <br />Hawaii, we hereby endorse the proposal that the Hoolulu <br />Multi-purpose Indoor Tennis Stadium be renamed the EDITH KANAKAOLE <br />MULTI-PURPOSE STADIUM to honor a truly outstanding citizen of the <br />County of Hawaii. <br /> <br />~e~. rao...._.._.~83 <br />File r; e, <br />P:I. B. P+;o. <br />~.e:.._........AUG..1..7.~ <br />