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>~ <br /> <br />1 <br />~~ <br />:' <br />Resolution Fo. X35 ~~ <br />.~ <br />~- <br />~3 4 <br />Y+~ ~ Y ..'.~ r~ <br />,~ <br />~ \ (.~J~' <br />l ^~ <br />^Aro { ~.C <br />9 <br />k 'k' ~~ <br />~~.~~ ~ ~p <br />WHEREAS, Robert F. Rosehill has been a Councilme <br />County of Hawaii since December 7, 1992 representing <br />of South Hilo; and <br />. ~,' ~ ' <br />ier .pE the .~ <br />:he°°bistrict ;,, <br />WHEREAS, Councilman Robert F. Rosehill has shown leadership <br />qualities as Chairman of the Human Services and Public Works <br />Committee and a member of numerous committees; and ~` <br />.~.~ <br />WHEREAS, Tiring these past two pears Councilman <br />Robert F. Rosehill lies strived for the betterment of his coaraunity~' w <br />and the people of Hawaii County; and <br />WHEREAS, Councilman Robert F: Rosehill completes his term as a <br />Hawaii County Councilmember on December 5, 1994; and <br />WHEREAS, the Council of the County of Hawaii is truly <br />appreciative of their colloac~ue's dedicated public service.,,, _ <br />HOW, THEREFORE, BS IT RESOLVED BY THE CO[1HCIL OF THB CODBTY OF ~ ,.. <br />HAWAII that it hereby eztends its-appreciation to their colleague, <br />Robert F. Rosehill, for his dedicated public service together with <br />their sincerest and best wishes on his future endeavors. <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk of the County of~Hawaii <br />transmit a true copy of this resolution to Robert F. Rosehill. <br />Dated et Hilo, Hawaii, this 5th day'of December , 1994. <br />IHTRObUCED BY: r <br />r A :5x tl ~Y gym? <br />k k ~{' ,j~ <br />~Y dY c° j Y} ~°:~~ •;'fR Tom:. T`` °.d':~}.. <br />} { 'v' 4 ~ F yy~ J. b^ <br />~ "r~ a. +- <br />ro. <br />;~i l <br />" COUNCILI+I[:NIBERS, COOpTY OF HAWAII <br />