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POT IS SAFER THAN YOUR GOVERNMENT 1~Ik~l.R-- <br /> Press release for July 2 <br /> Adhemp Committee <br /> Contact: Rev. Dennis Shields, 328-9794 or Roger Christie, 961-0488 <br /> The Hawaii County Council's failure today to "terminate" the marijuana eradication <br /> program in the absence of the Four year mandatory, critical program review as directed by the <br /> Charter, is part of the government's effort to cover up the failures and vices of this very invasive <br /> and dangerous activity. <br /> The Council's lawlessness today, is the living proof that cannabis suppression can only <br /> take place when other basic rights and laws are suspended. Cannabis eradication and suppression <br /> in Hawaii has only led to more lawlessness. <br /> The Council's acceptance of the DEA contract for another season of cannabis eradication <br /> marks 21 years of uncontrolled and unregulated intrusions into our communities. Hawaii County's <br /> failure to properly regulate and review the eradication program for over 16 years has put too much <br /> unchecked power into the hands of drug enforcement, leading to widespread protests for violations <br /> of civil, religious, property and due process rights. Furthermore, the abuses of the unchecked <br /> eradication program, permeates the community with the rumors and allegations of police wrong <br /> doings and corruption related to the suppression of this herb. <br /> Meanwhile, Hawaii County's Police Department has amassed $3 million in 'slush funds' <br /> directly seized from the people via forfeitures and has become a self financing, nearly independent, <br /> and unaccountable armed military force in Hawaii. Strict adherence to any existing constitution <br /> would have never allowed this to happen. Exercising the flawed logic of the cannabis prohibition, <br /> the government and its agencies have accumulated dangerous levels of authority. <br /> The impact of the marijuana eradication and suppression program on the people of Hawaii <br /> has for too long been a neglected area of documentation. Government agencies anxious to execute <br /> this war, have avoided collecting or disseminating objective information to the public. The outcome <br /> is this state of unaccountability, the absence of independent reviews and non-compliance with <br /> existing laws. This is our situation and it will only worsen as Hawaii County Police fulfill the <br /> terms of this new DEA contract on Hawaii and increase the arrests, increase the plants eradicated <br /> <br /> and increase the amount of property seized through forfeiture. <br /> The press in Hawaii must play their part as the 'fourth estate' and bring this serious <br /> <br /> situation to full public view and help secure the peace. end. <br /> F11e t(o. G ~ <br /> lief. To:Presented <br /> ltaf. ih,te JUL 0 '2 1997 <br /> <br />