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.JN�Y OF............. <br /> COUNTY OF HAWAII *- STATE OF HAWAII <br /> Ott O;t1/►� <br /> RESOLUTION NO. t71. 19 <br /> A RESOLUTION ADOPTING THE INTERIM RECOVERY STRATEGY REGARDING <br /> THE 2018 KILAUEA ERUPTION. <br /> WHEREAS, both the Mayor and the Governor proclaimed a state of emergency on <br /> May 3, 2018, and the President issued a Major Disaster Declaration on May 11, 2018, for the <br /> Kilauea eruption; and <br /> WHEREAS, due to the severity of this disaster, the Mayor determined a need for short- <br /> term and long-term recovery and formed an Executive Team to advise him on matters related to <br /> recovery; and <br /> WHEREAS, an Interim Recovery Strategy has been prepared for Council review and <br /> approval; and <br /> WHEREAS, a consultant has been procured to prepare a comprehensive recovery plan, <br /> which would supersede the Interim Recovery Strategy, to address short-term and long-term <br /> recovery needs; and <br /> WHEREAS, a spending plan and reporting system are immediately needed to manage <br /> the various funding sources for recovery that have been secured to date, driving the need for an <br /> interim recovery strategy; and <br /> WHEREAS, a forthcoming overall recovery framework to be prepared for future <br /> disasters will provide the context for the Interim Recovery Strategy and hiring policies; now, <br /> therefore, <br /> BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE COUNTY OF HAWAII that the <br /> Interim Recovery Strategy attached as Exhibit A is hereby adopted. <br />