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i <br /> Ashley L.Kierkieivicz �p�"`Y OF'"�!�, Office: (808)961-8265 <br /> Council Member ,�J Fax:(808)961-8912 <br /> District 4 Puna :. @ <br /> kielvicz ashle <br /> Y <br /> >�6;*4* <br /> IIAWAI`I COUNTY COUNCIL <br /> Hawaii County Building <br /> 25 Aupuni Street • Hilo,Hawaii 96720 <br /> C= C'a <br /> C C <br /> G� --i <br /> DATE: August 5, 2019 -<—! <br /> to C:) <br /> TO: Aaron S. Y. Chung, Council Chairperson =r <br /> And Members of the Hawaii County Council >M <br /> FROM: Ash y L. Kierkiewicz, Council Member o <br /> SUBJECT: Digital collateral to accompany Communication 391 for August 6, 2019 Agriculture, <br /> Water,Energy, and Environmental Management Committee Meeting <br /> Please find attached hard copies of digital collateral to accompany Communication 391, which requests a <br /> presentation from the Department of Water Supply regarding water supply, water quality, infrastructure <br /> potential, and funding possibilities in the lower east rift zone. <br /> We kindly request the use of audio/visual equipment during the August 6, 2019 Agriculture, Water, <br /> Energy, and Environmental Management Committee meeting in order to share supporting material for the <br /> presentation from the Department of Water Supply. We appreciate the support from Council Services to <br /> accommodate our request. <br /> AK/ck <br /> Att. <br /> s <br /> Sewing the Interests of the People of Our Island Com <br /> m. _ a <br /> Haivai'i County is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer Ref. TOTI AW L-t—RAC/ <br /> Ref. nate AUG 0 5 2019 <br />