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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> "constriction of the proposed development shall commence within one year from the <br /> <br /> date of receipt of Final Plan Approval and be completed within one year thereafter." <br /> <br /> The original owner, Walter T. Yamaguchi, was granted a change of zone from <br /> <br /> RS-10 to CV-10 to allow the establishment of various automobile-related businesses <br /> including, but not limited to, a full service auto and truck repair shop, auto parts <br /> <br /> warehouse/retail outlet and a body & fender shop. The property was previously the site of <br /> the Pahoa Gas-N-Go service station, which has since been demolished. The proposed <br /> <br /> various automobile-related businesses was not constructed by the original owner and the <br /> property is currently vacant of uses and structures. <br /> <br /> The property was sold in 2000 to Hara Land Development with the intention to <br /> build a new Pahoa Cash and Carry. The applicant now intends to build the Pahoa Office <br /> <br /> Plaza. <br /> The non-performance is the result of conditions that could not have been <br /> <br /> foreseen or are beyond the control of the applicant, successors or assigns, and that <br /> are not the result or their fault or negligence. Hara Land Development purchased the <br /> <br /> property with the intention to build a new Pahoa Cash and Carry. As a result of several <br /> conditions beyond their control, including the changed economic situation, the delay in <br /> completing the plans for the Pahoa Cash & Carry project, and the opening of the Malama <br /> <br /> Market and other similar commercial stores in the area, the applicant has decided to <br /> shelve their previous plans to relocate the Pahoa Cash and Carry store on the property <br /> <br /> and requests a 5-year time extension to construct the a new Pahoa Office Plaza. <br /> Approval of this request would not be contrary to the General Plan or <br /> <br /> Zoning Code nor the original reasons for the granting of the Change of Zone. There <br /> has not been any significant changes to the General Plan for this area or the Zoning Code <br /> <br /> since this request was originally approved that would affect this project. Although the <br /> project concept has changed, the amendment request is not contrary to the original <br /> <br /> reasons for granting the change of zone from RS-15 to CV-10. The new applicant is now <br /> proposing to construct an office building called the Pahoa Office Plaza. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> -2- <br />