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December 18, 2019 <br />DEPARTMENT OF WATER SUPPLY • COUNTY OF HAWAII <br />345 KEKOANAO'A STREET, SUITE 20 • HILO, HAWAII 96720 <br />TELEPHONE (808) 961-8050 • FAX (808) 961-8657 <br />WATER BOARD, COUNTY OF HAWAII <br />NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING <br />NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Water Board of the County of Hawaii will hold a public <br />hearing at the Hilo Operations Center Conference Room, 889 Leilani Street, Hilo, Hawaii, on <br />Tuesday, January 28, 2020, at 9:45 a.m. for the purpose of considering and adopting a new cost of <br />Power Adjustment Clause, pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 54, Part IH, as amended. <br />RATE CHANGE: POWER COST CHARGE <br />The current Power Cost Charge of $2.00 per thousand gallons is under consideration for a possible <br />decrease to reflect decreased power costs from all power sources. The proposed Power Cost Charge <br />will be at a rate of $1.90. The approved rate will be effective the first day of the month after the <br />establishment of the rate by the Water Board. <br />All those desiring to express their views, comments, or submit data on the above matter may do so by <br />submitting statements in writing to the Chairperson of the Water Board of the County on or before the <br />date of the public hearing; but anyone interested may appear in person to submit their data, views, or <br />comments orally before the Water Board at the hearing. Submissions made to the Chairperson prior to <br />the date of the hearing shall be mailed or delivered to the Chairperson in care of the Department of <br />Water Supply, 345 Kekuanao`a Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720. <br />If accommodation or auxiliary aid and/or services (i.e., sign language, interpreter, large print) to <br />participate in the hearing is required, please call (808) 961-8050. <br />Dated at Hilo, Hawaii, this 181h day of December, 2019 <br />WATER BOARD OF THE <br />COUNTY OF HAWAII <br />By: William D. Boswell, Jr. <br />Its Chairperson <br />The Department of Water Supply is an Equal Opportunity provider and employer. <br />Posted on the Internet at: <br /> <br />Hawaii Tribune -Herald <br />January 5, 2020 <br />West Hawaii Today <br />January 5, 2020 <br />... Water, Our Most Precious Resource ... Ka Wai A Kine... <br />The Department of Water Supply is an Equal Opportunity provider and employer <br />