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Communication No. 2013 -53 <br />PRELIMINARY PRIORITIES - VLRP PROJECTS <br />1. Establish by ordinance a volcano Village Special Design District <br />2. Establish a Special District overlay for volcano that would protect natural forest cover <br />3. Revise commercial zone boundaries to promote economic growth <br />4. Designate hiking and biking trails that link the community with the National Park <br />5. Collaborate with County DPW to construct a full service waste management facility for <br />Volcano <br />6. Advocate for a medical service clinic for in Volcano <br />7. Develop mechanism to protect historic properties within the Special Design District <br />S. Prepare a high quality, detailed, illustrated manual about low Impact site preparation and <br />construction that will serve as a guideline for residential and commercial development <br />3. Promote granting of small- property conservation easements In residential subdivisions <br />10. Collaborate with WH Shipman Estate to establish a secondary village commercial center east <br />of the core village, near, but not visible from the Highway #11 corridor <br />11. Update a Master Plan for Cooper Center that will expand recreational opportunities <br />12. Support training and equipment purchases for Volcano Community Emergency Response <br />Team (CERT) and FIREWISE Community <br />13. Conduct a surrey of Volcano residents to determine health care needs <br />14. Collaborate with State and County to redesign main thoroughfares for shared use by bicycles <br />and pedestrians, and ensure this Is incorporated in Special Design District standards <br />15. Support road connectivity among upper Puna subdivisions <br />