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1 <br />n � r <br />tJ 0 <br />1� e.c - <br />Communication No. 2013 -41 <br />MASS TRANSIT <br />Subcommittee of the PCDP <br />Report to t-he-PDCP Action <br />Committee - 719/13 <br />Speaker: Marty Mimmack, Co -Chair of the Mass Transit Subcommittee of the <br />PCDP Action Committee. <br />Madam chair, Mr. Brown and members of the action committee, on behalf of the <br />MT subcommittee of the PCDP, it is an honor to transmit the meeting minutes for <br />last two meetings dated June 4 and June 25 respectively. Both of our meetings <br />took place since the last meeting of this body_ <br />Regarding transmittal of the minutes, the minutes were recorded and written my <br />subcommittee member Hannah Hedrick. Hannah then submitted them to me for <br />edits and corrections_ They are attached for your reference. <br />There were a few highlights that are relevant. <br />1. The subcommittee has sent letters to Greggor Ilagan and Zendo Kern <br />inviting them to attend one of our upcoming meetings. The letter is <br />attached. <br />2. We requested and were granted a meeting with Tiffany Kai. I was not able <br />to attend due to being off - island. Patti Pinto attended for me along with <br />June Conant. The meeting took place July 2, 2013 at the MTA office. The <br />report is included with this summary. <br />3. Rusty Jones submitted an internet link regarding the Federal <br />Transportation Administration's funding for Mass Transit in the coming <br />years, titled MAP — 21. A page is attached for your convenience. <br />4. As part of my own education about Mass Transit in Hawaii County and for <br />the benefit of future stakeholders of this important county service, Hannah <br />Hedrick and I have bee compiling what we call the HI County <br />Compendium of Resources and History. A draft copy is available but not <br />ready for official release at this time. <br />Other points of lesser relevance are detailed in the copies of the minutes that are <br />attached hereto. <br />Thank you for your time. I'm available to answer questions at your convenience. <br />