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Communication No. 2013-10 <br /> Progress Report/update to PCMC. Action Committee <br /> on Puna Community Medical Center Expansion and Site Acquisition <br /> February 12, 20 .3 <br /> 1. The archaeologist, Robert Rechtman, has completed the archaeological survey of the <br /> site and reports that he has found nothing of significance. He will have the written report in <br /> about a week, if not sooner. <br /> 2. Sen. Russell Ruderman has put in a State CIP request for$100,000(FY 2013-14)to cover <br /> the cost of the Environmental Assessment (EA) and the architectural and site plans. <br /> I At Senator Ruderman's suggestion, a State Grant-in-Aid proposal was also submitted (as <br /> a just-in--case Plan B)for$15,000 to cover the cost of just the EA. The PCMC Action <br /> Committee's support letter was attached, as were support letters from the mayor, Robert <br /> Lindsey of OHA, and Howard Ainsley(CEO of Hilo Medical Center). Sen. Ruderman has <br /> informed us that his office will be tracking this. <br /> 4. on Jan. 11th a medical roundtable meeting was held in the County Building. Attending <br /> were representatives from Hilo Medical Center, Puna Community Medical Center, Bay Clinic, <br /> Hilo Radiologic, members of the Pahoa Plan Steering Committee, and representatives from the <br /> offices of Greggor Ilagan and Russell Ruderman. HMC and Hilo Radiologic said they were not <br /> planning any expansion of services into Puna, but were supporting PCMC's efforts,which PCMC <br /> had described. Bay Clinic shared that they are planning to renovate their current building in <br /> Pahoa to include a dental clinic, and will continue to focus on adult medicine, pediatrics, <br /> behavioral health and dental. Gilbert Aguinaldo,who will not be building a dialysis clinic in <br /> Pahoa after all, due to lack of a sewer system, pledged his support of PCMC's emergency room <br /> project. All attendees liked the idea of a Medical Park on the PCIVIC proposed site where <br /> services could be consolidated. <br /> Eileen O'Hara, representing Sen. Ruderman, asked PCMC about the timeline for completion of <br /> the EA. She suggested that if a FONS1 could be granted by the end of December, 2013,that a <br /> State grant for construction costs could be submitted by her office for the CIP budget for the <br /> next fiscal year 2014-15. <br /> There will be another meeting sometime in March, and hopefully others who couldn't attend <br /> this time Will be able to come and input(Clinical Laboratories, Bruce Hansen, State DOH, etc.) <br /> Respectfully submitted, <br /> Rene Siracusa <br />