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<br />may have inaccur ately labeled the historic areas of the town and that the affordable housing, <br />sidewalks, park, and connector road have never been realized. She spoke regarding the two CIP <br />appropriation requests in the letter and described their history. She encouraged Act ion <br />Committee members to continue to push for funding. She suggested that Action Committee <br />, in particular , <br />. <br />RECOGNITION OF OUTGO ING MEMBERS : Planning Department st aff thanked outgoing members <br />George Robertson and Eddie Akau for their years of service on the Action Committee. George <br />Robertson was unable to attend the meeting however . B oth outgoing members were offered <br />certificates of appreciation from the Mayor ' s o ffice and kind word s from those present . <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES: <br />Vice - Chair Smith moved to approve the minutes of the September 24 , 2018 meeting as submitted . <br />Second by Committee Member McLaughlin . The motion to approve the mi nute s as submitted pa ssed <br />with 6 votes aye, 0 vot e s nay [ Committee Member Licoan was not present at the time of the vote ] . <br />BUSINESS: <br />2. P r e s e n t a t i o n b y E r i c a P e r e z f r o m t h e C o r a l R e e f A l l i a n c e . <br />Erica Perez gave a presentation regarding the Coral Reef Alliance <br />community in upgradi ng their wastewater systems. She described the length their organization has <br />gone to identify the cause and extent of the pollution in the nearshore water area. They compared <br />contaminant levels to t he EPA guidelines and the water quality considered healthy for coral reefs. They <br />also conducted dye tests to track the flow of wastewater into the ocean. Their research indicates high <br />levels of pollutants that are harmful to nearshore ocean life. Their tests also revealed no measurable <br />difference in pollution out put when comparing cesspools, septic tanks, and Aerobic Treatment Units <br />(ATUs). Additionally, was found to have higher pollution than the resort areas and was found to <br />have a low level of resiliency, based on their resiliency criteria. <br />Ms. Pere z went on to compare the different solutions that had been identified in the process. Act 125 <br />was passed in 2017 to mandate the replacement of cesspools before 2050. Act 132 established a <br />working group to identify priority cesspool replacement areas across the state. She explained their goal <br />the project afford <br />Action Committee members and members of the public asked questions and engaged in discussion. <br />poster child for other areas that ha ve the same pollution issues. <br />[ C ommunication N umber 2019 - 0 5 ] may be viewed and downloaded <br />at the following website: <br />found on the organization s website: <br />3. C o m m u n i c a t i o n N u m b e r 2 0 1 8 - 1 2 : A c t i o n C o m m i t t e e R e c o m m e n d a t i o n L e t t e r . <br /> southkohala Page 2 <br /> <br /> <br />