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Communication No. 2018-22 <br />Capital Improvements Program <br />FY 2018-2019 <br />Kona CDP Planning Area <br />County Dept. <br />Submitter <br />Status <br />Project <br />Appropriation <br />Status <br />(County Funds) <br />App. <br />Lapsing Date <br />Pg. # <br />7 <br />Environmental <br />Management <br />Wastewater Division <br />Dora Beck <br />Prior Funds <br />Allotted <br />North Kona Effluent Reuse <br />(Reapp. 5696.39) <br />$612,000 <br />Ord. 17-40 <br />6/30/2017 <br />Lapses <br />6/30/2020 <br />30 <br />8 <br />Environmental <br />Management - <br />Wastewater Division <br />Dora Beck <br />Prior Funds <br />Allotted <br />North Kona Sewer (Reapp. <br />5696.38) <br />$2,824,000 <br />Ord. 17-40 <br />6/30/2017 <br />Lapses <br />6/30/2020 <br />34 <br />9 <br />Environmental <br />Management - <br />Wastewater Division <br />Dora Beck <br />Prior Funds <br />Allotted <br />Repair/ Replacement of <br />Wastewater Facilities <br />$2,000,000 <br />Ord. 17-40 <br />6/30/2017 <br />Lapses <br />6/30/2020 <br />24 <br />10 <br />Office of Housing and <br />Community <br />Development <br />Kaloa R.N. <br />Robinson <br />Allotted <br />Micro -Unit Housing for Chronic <br />Homeless in West Hawaii <br />$1,300,000 <br />Ord. 15-58/16-15 <br />6/30/2015 <br />Lapses <br />6/30/2018 <br />150 <br />11 <br />Office of Housing and <br />Community <br />Development <br />Neil S. Gyotoku <br />Ulu Wini Facility Improvements <br />$2,000,000 <br />Ord. 17-40 <br />6/30/2017 <br />Lapses <br />6/30/2020 <br />164 <br />12 <br />Office of Housing and <br />Community <br />Development <br />Susan K. <br />Akiyama <br />Allotted <br />Ulu Wini Park <br />$100,000 <br />Ord. 15-58 <br />6/30/2015 <br />Lapses <br />6/30/2018 <br />152 <br />13 <br />Office of the <br />Prosecuting Attorney <br />Mitchell Roth / <br />Lee Lord <br />Allotted <br />West Hawaii Office of the <br />Prosecuting Attorney Building <br />$7,000,000 <br />Ord. 16-73 <br />6/30/2016 <br />Lapses <br />6/30/2019 <br />219 <br />