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APPROVAL OF MINUTES: <br />Due to a lack of quorum, no action was taken on the May 8, 2017 meeting minutes. <br />BUSINESS: <br />1. Integrated Ag Water System Scoping Presentation: <br />This agenda item included presentations by Senator Lorraine Inouye, Carty Chang Chief Engineer from <br />the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), and John Richards and David Barnes from <br />Waimea Water Services regarding the potential for an integrated agricultural system in North Kohala. <br />Issues discussed revolved around the North Kohala Agricultural Water Study (NKAWS) and included the <br />topics of regulatory issues, environmental impacts; cost of water distribution (infrastructure required <br />to transmit the water), distinction between a water source and a means of transmission for water, <br />challenges with optimizing use for the historic aqueduct system to meet present community needs, <br />and working with effected property owners. <br />A video referenced in the discussion which details more information about the North Kohala Water Study progress may be <br />viewed here: <br />2. Discussion of County Capital Improvement Program: <br />Due to a lack of quorum, this business item was not heard. <br />3. Discussion of CDP Subcommittees & Sunshine Law: <br />Due to a lack of quorum, this business item was not heard. <br />4. Report on the General Plan Comprehensive Review: <br />Long Range Planners Bethany Morrison and Kevin Sullivan presented the proposed strategy for the <br />new format of the General Plan update and how the outline and content of such would affect island - <br />wide Community Development Plans (CDPs) in their future revisions. The proposed strategy involves <br />identifying values and policies within the various CDPs from districts around the island and, as <br />appropriate, incorporate them into the updated General Plan. The purpose of the presentation was to <br />explain the strategy and prepare the Action Committee for what is to come in the future as the <br />Planning Department seeks community input to discuss which specific items would be appropriate to <br />include in the General Plan. A benefit of this strategy would include increased consistency between the <br />General Plan and the CDPs, which can lead to a greater degree of policy implementation island -wide. <br />This will also allow the CDPs to have an increased focus on the issues which directly impact their <br />region. <br />The presentation offered further details of this strategy as well as opportunities for the Action <br />Committee members and the public to ask questions. Topics included a concern for losing the value of <br />local engagement amidst moving policies into the General Plan, the continuing process of seeking <br />community and Action Committee input throughout the update process, a concern about how <br />effective this strategy may be for increasing the county's efficiency in regard to accomplishing North <br />Kohala CDP goals, and monitoring effectiveness of the General Plan in the future. <br />The presentation slides that were displaying during this agenda item can be viewed and downloaded from the following <br />website: <br />REPORTS and OTHER PRESENTATIONS: <br />1. Report on the July 10th, 2017 presentation to Action Committee <br />www. NorthKohala(a,hawaiicounty.Qov Page 2 <br />