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There were three people who signed up to testify. <br />[Please note that all testimony has been recorded exactly as presented.] <br />Marissa Harman, representing Kamehameha Schools, providing testimony on agenda item 1a — <br />Pauka'a Mauka: Aloha, good evening. On behalf of Kamehameha Schools, I'm submitting <br />testimony again on the Pauka'a map as a follow up to your last Steering Committee meeting. I <br />won't be reiterating any points made earlier in testimony. However, I'd like to provide some <br />new information for your consideration. I'd like to address the concerns of the Steering <br />Committee that KS could potentially develop these lands and sell them. Our lands at Pdhoehoe <br />— are legacy lands for our trust — they were originally bequeathed to Princess Pauahi by Victoria <br />Kamdmalu. It is our practice to keep our legacy lands in perpetuity for the future benefit of our <br />ldhui. If KS were to pilot an affordable farm worker housing project, the units would be for rent <br />or lease and not for sale in fee. Also, at your last meeting, some of your Steering Committee <br />members as well as staff planners asserted that there are existing tools that would allow KS to <br />accomplish its agriculture and support infrastructure goals such as affordable farm worker <br />housing. In a follow up meeting with the County Planning Department last week, we were able <br />to determine the following problems with the existing tools. For agriculture project districts, <br />State Land Use Law limits and basically dictates the density to no more than one residence per <br />one acre. So essentially kind of supporting that, the larger gentleman type ag estates. The <br />same goes for planned unit development, limited by State Land Use Law and also, we looked at <br />additional farm dwelling units but the current ordinance was vague around whether or not the <br />labor that justifies an additional farm dwelling unit needs to come from that parcel or if they <br />can be tied to a nearby farm. Additionally, there's no clear definition of employee housing <br />which is further complicated by the fact that KS itself would not be the employers of these <br />farmers — our lessees would, so kinda not applicable to us. And also, the additional farm <br />dwelling unit does not support clustered model. It's basically one unit per number of hours of <br />labor and ag farm lot subdivisions residential use is strictly prohibited. So, those are the existing <br />tools in County Ordinance now. So, based on information above, it's clear that there are no <br />existing tools that would allow KS or any other landowner the ability to provide clustered <br />affordable farm worker housing which enables a larger landscape to be preserved. In <br />conclusion, we ask that you consider our intentions, our track record and the lack of existing <br />tools. For these reasons, I ask that you support the Planning Department's Option 2 that will be <br />presented to you this evening. Mahalo. <br />2. Albert Nakaji, representing himself, providing testimony on Pauka'a Mauka: Good evening <br />ladies and gentlemen. I assume you can hear me. I wish to comment on the agenda item <br />relating to Pauka'a Mauka. The Pauka'a community, I saw on the map, Pauka'a park. Pauka'a <br />community is — if you look from Kaiwiki to Hakalau, the only community that does not have a <br />park, a recreational facility. All other communities, Kaiwiki, Pepe'ekeo, Pdpa'ikou, Honomu — all <br />have a park. Pauka'a is the only one that does not have a park. I do not reside in Pauka'a. I <br />reside in Pdpa'ikou but I would strongly — strongly support the creation of a park there. <br />Secondly, given that this may be the last meeting, I would like to say that while I've not come to <br />the meetings very frequently, I have been monitoring the progress from the inception of the CDP <br />and/ want to extend my sincere thanks to ALL of you— to all of you for such hard work. The <br />effort, the time that you have taken to put into this effort — bringing together a multitude of <br />ideas, conflicting and supportive of each other— very difficult, very difficult and you are to be <br />Page 12 <br />