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APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: The Steering Committee will consider the draft minutes of the <br />October 22, 2016 and the November 2, 2016 meetings. <br />CDP PROCESS OVERVIEW: Facilitator Bob Agres will provide a review of the CDP planning <br />process with a focus on final Steering Committee decision-making and the CDP adoption <br />process. <br />BUSINESS <br />1. Recommendation for Approval of a Revised Hamakua CDP: The Steering Committee will <br />consider recommending approval of a revised version of the January 2015 Draft of the <br />Hamakua Community Development Plan. The Steering Committee will be considering <br />the complete set of CDP revisions preliminarily agreed upon during the previous four CDP <br />meetings. <br />PUBLIC COMMENT ON AGENDA ITEMS: Members of the public are invited to speak to any items <br />on the agenda. To be recognized, please fill out and submit a request form to the Planning <br />Assistant or the Steering Committee Chairperson prior to the completion of each Public <br />Comment portion of the meeting. Comments shall be limited to three (3) minutes per person. <br />STEERING COMMITTEE REFLECTION: Steering Committee Members will have the opportunity to <br />reflect on the CDP process and share their long-term aspirations for the Hamakua CDP. <br />NEXT STEPS: If needed, the Steering Committee will recommend upcoming meeting dates, <br />topics, and locations. <br />ANNOUNCEMENTS <br />ADJOURNMENT <br />NOTE: Anyone who requires an auxiliary aid or service, other reasonable modification, or language <br />interpretation to access this meeting please contact the Planning Department at 961-8288 as soon as possible, <br />but no later than five working days prior to the meeting date, to arrange for accommodations. "Other <br />reasonable modification" refers to communication methods or devices for people with disabilities who are <br />mentally and/or physically challenged. <br />If you are a lobbyist, you must register with the Hawai'i County Clerk within five days of becoming a lobbyist. <br />(Article 15, Section 2-91.3(b), Hawai'i County Code). A lobbyist means, "any individual engaged for pay or <br />other consideration who spends more than five hours in any month or $275 in any six-month period for the <br />purpose of attempting to influence legislative or administrative action by communicating or urging others to <br />communicate with public officials." (Article 15, Section 2-91.3(a)(6), Hawai'i County Code). Registration forms <br />and expenditure report documents are available at the Office of the County Clerk -Council, 25 Aupuni Street, <br />Hilo, Hawai'i 96720. <br />Michael Yee, Planning Director <br />Planning Department <br /> Hawaii County is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer <br />