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BUSINESS <br />1. Consideration of Proposed Revisions to Draft CDP Land Use Policies: The CDP Planning <br />Team will facilitate discussions by the Steering Committee geared toward preliminary <br />decisions about the following potential revisions to the Draft CDP: <br />a. Pauka`a Mauka: extension of the Low Density Urban (LDU) designation to the <br />north on the mauka side of Kulana Street <br />b. Any additional land use policy map revisions based on new information <br />presented. <br />2. Consideration of Other Proposed Revisions to the Draft CDP: Working from "Review <br />Document #3: Proposed Revisions & Additions for the February 2016 Draft CDP," the CDP <br />Planning Team will facilitate a discussion by the Steering Committee geared toward <br />preliminary decisions about the following possible revisions to the Draft CDP: <br />a. Section 5: Strengthen Infrastructure, Facilities, and Services: <br />i. Refinements to County Action Policies 65 and 72; new County Action <br />Policies related to prioritization of infrastructure improvements and <br />wastewater system development, park program outreach, and walking <br />paths. Revised Community Action 27 and a new Community Action <br />related to littering and illegal dumping. <br />b. Section 6: Build a Sustainable, Local Economy: <br />i. New County Action policies relating to improving County agricultural <br />capacity, evaluating the Zoning Code Section 15-5-72(a)(17) relating to <br />agricultural uses such as beekeeping, and developing underutilized county <br />parcels for community purposes. Refinements to Community Action 44 <br />and proposed new Community Actions addressed to community groups <br />interested in the Lower Hamakua Ditch issues and promoting community <br />gardens. <br />c. Other CDP revisions that merit consideration based on new information <br />presented. <br />Break <br />3. Affirmation of Minor Edits to the Draft CDP: Working from "Review Document #2: <br />Proposed Minor Edits for the January 2016 Draft CDP," the CDP Planning Team will <br />facilitate a brief discussion by the Steering Committee geared toward a preliminary <br />decision to affirm all non -substantive edits to the Draft CDP. <br />4. Next Steps <br />a. Schedule an additional meeting to consider revisions, if needed. <br />b. Schedule a meeting to make the final recommendation of a revised version of the <br />Hamakua CDP for approval. <br /> Hawaii County is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer <br />