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C <br />L EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br />The Ad Hoc Committee on Puna Connectivity recommends the creation of an alternate route <br />connecting the subdivisions from Volcano to Highway 130. This will be accomplished by the <br />acquisition of land or easements and the construction of connections to improve movement <br />between subdivisions and will provide alternate routes in the event of a road closure or other <br />emergency. All connections listed here should be open 24 hours a day and paved. Memoranda of <br />Understandings will need to be executed between the subdivisions to ensure that these <br />connections remain open. These routes will only connect the subdivisions through staggered <br />connectivity locations. This does not propose creating a single public roadway through the <br />private subdivisions. The Committee also recommends adding two additional connections <br />between the subdivisions and Highway 11. These additional connections to the highway are on <br />County roads that will need to be improved. <br />The Committee last met on July 13, 2016, at which time additional amendments were made and <br />the members voted 5-0 to approve the draft report as amended. Committee members Patti Pinto, <br />Marlene Hapai, Danny Paleka, Greggor Ilagan, and Maile David voted in favor of the motion. <br />Committee Member Dennis "Fresh" Onishi was absent. <br />��' �� i9.30.30.3r�, i55•tl3.2a �"W (19.5084. -755.6557 <br />je <br />a,•r• <br />'r' 5Lauko Road <br />/ }w 1�CL #5 <br />j f r Mrr 'F y *:.0'�'HawaiianAcres- <br />* orchidiand <br />r� <br />S. Oshiro Road <br />-CL 44 <br />,Fern Acres -Hawaiian Acres <br />.CL#3 <br />. Kopua Farm Lots -Fern Acres <br />� k J <br />CL#2 <br />* ti Eden Roc- <br />CL#1 k Kopua Farm Lots C k <br />Fern Forest - <br />,Eden Roc <br />Fig. 1. Overview of connectivity locations. (Note: Acquisition of property for CL <br />93 has since been determined to be unfeasible; this report considers other <br />alternatives). <br />