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Decision -Making Tool for Considering Revisions to the Hamakua CDP Land Use Policy Map: <br />Alternatives Relative to Objectives, Factors, Community Input, and the Steering Committee Deliberations from Sept. 10, 2016 <br />Focus on O`okala <br />• Option 1: No change to the Draft CDP <br />• Option 2: Designate parcel TMK 3-9-001:023 (13.9 acres) Low Density Urban <br />• Preliminary SC Decision: Option 2 plus the reduction of LDU on parcel 3-9-001:034 to protect viewsheds from Highway 191 <br />1 <br />Objective 1: Protect <br />Factor 1: <br />Current GP LUPAG: <br />Draft CDP eliminates Urban <br />Some residents expressed <br />Include parcel 3-9-001:023 as Low Density <br />Option 2: In order to accommodate <br />restore,o <br />Industrial on coastal parcel 3-9-001:005. <br />Expansion Area and <br />desire to maintain Urban <br />Urban to accommodate flexibility in <br />flexibility for growth options near the <br />watershedCoastal ecosystems, <br />o Entire coastal area between O'okala town and <br />Industrial designations on <br />Expansion Area to <br />growth in O`okala while still ensuring <br />center of O`okala and not on coastal <br />Development. <br />shoreline is Urban Expansion. This is the only area <br />coastal parcels. <br />develop these coastal <br />growth is not on shoreline parcels. <br />parcels, the Steering Committee selected <br />: <br />, spaces, <br />open <br />designated Urban Expansion in the Planning Area. <br />properties for residential <br />Option 2 for parcel 3-9-001:023. <br />mauka forests to makai <br />and commercial uses. <br />In order to protect viewshed and open <br />shorelines, while <br />• Urban Expansion Area (UEA) is flexible enough to allow <br />Some residents opposed <br />space visible from HWY 19, the Steering <br />assuring responsible <br />for heavy industrial and high density urban (HDU), neither <br />the change on coastal <br />Committee designated as Agriculture the <br />public access ... <br />of which are consistent with Objective 1 and Factor 1. <br />parcels from Industrial to <br />corner of the parcel nearest HWY 19 <br />Agriculture. <br />(TMK 3 -9-001:034), which is owned by <br />• Most of the larger <br />COH and is currently designated LUPAG <br />community input was <br />LDU. See Footnote 1. <br />supportive of minimizing <br />new coastal <br />Objective Protect d <br />Factor <br />• Current GP LUPAG includes UEA and Low Density Urban <br />Draft CDP removes the Urban <br />Factor 2 should be carefully considered. <br />Option 2: The Steering Committee did <br />restore <br />(LDU) on coastal agricultural lands <br />Expansion Area from the <br />developments and <br />Parcel 3-9-001:023 is currently zoned Ag- <br />not consider the designation of parcel 3 - <br />agricultural lands. <br />Encroachmentcoastal <br />agriculture lands and <br />encroachment on <br />20 but does not appear to be in active <br />9-001:023 as LDU to be in conflict with <br />. . <br />• im <br />shrinks the LDU area from <br />agricultural land. <br />agricultural use. <br />Factor 2 because that parcel is not <br />Agricultural <br />agriculture areas between <br />considered productive/core agricultural <br />Lands.O`okala <br />and Highway 19, and <br />land. It is adjacent to other urban parcels <br />away from the adjacent camp <br />and is considered an appropriate area for <br />neighborhood of Nui Village <br />O`okala to grow due to its central <br />location. <br />1 Notes: Current zoning determines permitted uses for parcels. In addition, CDP land use designations do not automatically change the General Plan's LUPAG maps. If there is a direct conflict between a Community Development Plan and the General Plan, the General Plan shall be <br />controlling. (See the Hawai'i County General Plan, Ch. 15) <br />CKo]IIIaI1r:1iLVJNIame]f►Awill [:7 <br />