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Mr. Brown, PCDP AC Chair <br />June 9, 2016 <br />Page 2 <br />• PONC acquisition of land at Pohoiki Bay; and <br />• Pahoa Park Expansion (in progress). <br />PCDP Actions 4.2.3 a. & k. <br />• Development of a Transit Master Plan (in progress); <br />• Bus routes that include Hawaiian Paradise Park and Leilani Estates; and <br />• Bus service to the airports. <br />PCDP Action 4.5.3 c. <br />• New bus stop shelters. <br />The County of Hawaii has spent millions of dollars on infrastructure and services for the Puna <br />community in recent years. Below is a list of just a few of the many projects in Puna that the <br />County has invested in. <br />• $22,900,000 — Pahoa Regional Park (in progress); <br />• $9,900,000 — Pahoa Fire Station & Police Station; and <br />• $6,000,000 — Puna Road Improvements. <br />Furthermore, the County of Hawai`i's commitment to the Puna community is evidenced by the <br />$92 million in appropriations and $44 million in allotments listed in the current CIP status report <br />(March, 2016). <br />We understand the need for the Pahoa Plan and the Administration is not opposed to developing <br />a Pahoa Plan, but as explained in the June 6, 2015 letter to the AC, the Planning and <br />Environmental Management Departments are not in a position to manage an additional contract <br />at this time. The current capital budget has appropriations for the Pahoa Plan and Pahoa Sewer <br />Feasibility Study. Additionally, Ordinance 2014-11 authorizes funds for both the Plan and the <br />Sewer Feasibility Study which will be available when either Department is able to manage the <br />contract. In the interim, we look forward to continued collaboration with the PCDP AC on the <br />numerous action items in the PCDP. <br />Thank you, <br />l <br />2� <br />DUANE KANUHA <br />Planning Director <br />Cc: William P. Kenoi, Mayor <br />Dennis "Fresh" Onishi, District 3 Council Member <br />Greggor Ilagan, District 4 Council Member <br />Daniel K. Paleka, Jr., District 5 Council Member <br />Maile David, District 6 Council Member <br />