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Communication No. 2016-11 <br />COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT INITIATIVES: DO YOU LIKE THESE PROPOSED ACTIVITIES? Indicate Y <br />(yes), N (no) 0 (don't care). Indicate with X the three items you consider to be the most important <br />Establish a Volcano Village Design District (County ordinance) <br />Establish an umbrella -type of protection zone for the natural forest in residential areas <br />Revise commercial zone boundaries in Volcano to promote economic growth <br />Complete work at the transfer station to include a green waste disposal and a re -use facility <br />Provide health care services for Volcano <br />Continue recording, protecting, and educating people about historic properties <br />Prepare a manual of guidelines for residential and commercial development in Volcano <br />Promote granting of small property conservation easements in residential subdivisions <br />Support road connectivity among upper Puna subdivisions (alternate routes to Highway #11) <br />Update the Master Plan for Cooper Center <br />Continue support and equipment purchases for community CERT and FIREWISE programs <br />Redesign main thoroughfares for shared bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicle uses <br />Designate Highway #11 between Mountain View and Volcano as a National Scenic Byway <br />Establish a secondary commercial center east of the main village area (near the transfer station) <br />Designate hiking and biking trails to connect the Village with the National Park <br />Other <br />