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95 <br />�^ "Appointing authority" shall be defined as in Hawai'i Revised Statutes <br />§76-11. <br />"Board" means the Merit Appeals Board. <br />"Chair" or "chairperson" means the Chairperson of the Merit Appeals <br />Board. <br />"Chief executive" shall be as defined in Hawaii Revised Statutes §76-11. <br />"Hearing" means any proceeding governed by Hawaii Revised Statutes <br />§§91-8 and 91-9. <br />"Meeting" means the convening of the Board for which a quorum is <br />required in order to deliberate and make decisions on matters over which the <br />Board has supervision, control, jurisdiction, or advisory power, and Hawai'i <br />Revised Statutes §§91-8 and 91-9. <br />"Party" means each person or agency named or admitted as a party or <br />properly seeking and entitled as of right to be admitted as a party in an agency <br />proceeding. <br />"Presiding officer" means the Chairperson or any person designated as <br />presiding officer by the Chairperson. <br />"Person" means individuals, partnerships, corporations, associations, or <br />public or private organizations of any character other than county <br />governmental agencies. <br />"Proceedings" means the Board's elucidation of the relevant facts and <br />applicable law, consideration thereof, and action thereupon with respect to a <br />particular subject within the Board's jurisdiction, initiated by a party's filing or <br />submittal or request or the Board's notice or order, including matters involving <br />the adoption, amendment, or repeal of any rule of the Board, whether initiated <br />by the Board order or notice, or by petition of an interested person. <br />[Eff. 09/28/02; am ] (Auth: HRS §91-2) (Imp: HRS §§76-14, 76-47, 76-75, <br />and 91-2) <br />§ 100-5 Board office. <br />(a) The office of the Board is at Hilo, Hawai'i. All communications to <br />the Board shall be addressed to: <br />County of Hawai'i <br />Merit Appeals Board <br />101 Pauahi Street, Suite No. 2 <br />Hilo, Hawai'i 96720 <br />