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amended passed with 9 votes aye. <br />Insofar as the spelling of "cemetery" in the draft minutes was correct in the first place, the friendly <br />motion to amend the spelling is ignored in the final minutes. <br />NEW BUSINESS <br />1. Introduction of New AC Members. Larry introduced Susan Osborne, Leila Kealoha and <br />Elmer Solis, the newly appointed PCDP AC Members. <br />2. AC Member Subcommittee Assignments. Larry provided a brief outline of the current <br />subcommittees of the PCDP AC and the current Member assignments to each, as identified <br />below, including new Members so far. <br />Budget: Patti, Farris, Oshi & June <br />Pahoa Regional Town Center Plan: Oshi, Elmer & Patti <br />Mass Transit: Sharon & June <br />Connectivity & Emergency Response: Patti, Sharon, Farris & Susie <br />Mt. View Village Center Plan: Patti & Sharon <br />Subcommittee assignments may change as the new Members become more familiar with the <br />scope and schedules of the various subcommittees. <br />Rene moved to accept the revisions to the subcommittee assignments. Second by Elmer. <br />The motion passed with 9 votes aye. <br />3. Communication No. 2013 -67: Connectivity & Emergency Response Subcommittee <br />(CERSC) Report. In addition to the information provided in the written meeting minutes from <br />the November 26 meeting of the CERSC, Marlene gave a brief outline of the work of the <br />subcommittee over the past year and described the ongoing need and purpose of the CERSC. <br />• Continue to analyze and prioritize the connectivity location data collected from the <br />PREP Fair. <br />• Continue the process of assembling the comments and recommendations from the <br />PREP Fair and to continue vetting same in the community. <br />• Begin planning the 2014 PREP Fair. <br />• Next CERSC meeting will be at 5:00 p.m. on January 28 at the Kea`au CC. <br />4. Mass Transit Subcommittee (MTSC) Report. Marty Mimmack provided a several copies of <br />an information packet from the MTSC that included subcommittee meeting notes from the <br />November 21 meeting, a written report to the AC and a draft table of contents for a proposed <br />Mass Transit SC Action Plan. Marty then read his written report to the AC. <br />5. Communication No. 2013 -68: Comments on Souza Change of Zone Application. The AC <br />considered a draft letter submitted by the Pahoa Regional Town Center Plan Subcommittee <br />(PRTCPSC) providing comments to the Planning Director on the pending application <br />submitted by Jerry Souza to amend the State Land Use Boundary for his property (TMK: 1 -5- <br />07:061) from Agricultural to Urban and to change the County zoning from Agricultural (A -la) <br />to Commercial Village (CV -20). The applicant, Jerry Souza and his planning consultant, <br />Sidney Fuke, were on hand to respond to AC questions. <br />2 <br />