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discuss their subdivision's proposed Connectivity Locations, 4) <br />invite them to PREP Fair 2014 and 5) invite them to attend <br />CER Subcommittee meetings held each fourth Tuesday of the <br />month at 5:00 p.m. at the Keaau Community Center. <br />2. Discussion on "Procedure for Connectivity Location Prioritizing and <br />Consideration" to ultimately determine Priority List for Connectivity <br />Locations for upper (uka), middle (waena) and lower (kai) Puna to include <br />community, CER subcommittee, and PCDP Action Committee input with <br />agreed upon priority lists provided to County (DPW /Ben Ishii), to elected <br />officials and agencies responsible for proposed actions. <br />Procedure Agreed Upon: <br />• Prioritize CL's for each major area, i.e., Puna Uka, Puna Waena and <br />Puna Kai <br />• Invite further public input prior to PCDP AC meeting where area's <br />CL's will be discussed <br />• Agendize CL's to be discussed at PCDP AC meeting, publicize and <br />invite public testimony at meeting <br />• If CL confirmed at meeting, keep on list to be forwarded for further <br />consideration and implementation <br />• If CL not confirmed at meeting, seek further input, re- agendize and <br />consider for re- prioritizing or deletion, depending upon further input. <br />• Tentative Timeline: <br />Meeting with Subdivision Boards and Membership /Agendizing <br />Priorities for Consideration at PCDP AC Meetings: <br />Puna Uka — December 2013 /January 2014 <br />Puna Waena — January 2014 /February 2014 <br />Puna Kai — February 2014/March 2014 <br />New Business: <br />1. PREP Fair 2014 <br />• Major Outcomes to Focus on for CER Subcommittee: <br />Preliminary suggestions included: <br />1. Revisit CER Subcommittee Action Plan Objectives of 2/12/13: <br />a. Additional input for CL's <br />b. Survey of CL's recommended and still under consideration <br />c. Greater focus on Emergency Mapping "Make and Take" <br />2. Create new set of actions /objectives and once again use fair as <br />vehicle for community input focusing on Health & Safety issues <br />