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NEW BUSINESS <br />a) Community Planning Assistant: Patti introduced this general operating (GO) budget request <br />to include $20,000 in the Planning Department's FY 2014 -15 budget to fund a contract for <br />a community planning assistant (CPA) to assist with the work of the Puna CDP AC in <br />implementing the PCDP. It was pointed out that "manager" was misspelled in the 3rd <br />sentence of the 2"d paragraph under 96 on the request form. <br />Rene moved to approve the CPA budget request with noted spelling correction. <br />Second by Keiki. Motion passed with 9 votes aye. <br />b) Volleyball System for Mountain View Gym: Patti briefed the AC on this GO budget <br />request to include $5,714 for the purchase of a portable volleyball system for the Mt. View <br />Gym. <br />2 <br />