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Of AU <br />COUNTY OF HAWAPT :•j STAFF OF HAWAVI <br />B I1:�1� NO. 10 g <br />ORDINANCE 3 ( Dpi" 4 <br />� �I�i�I�i �E ITT Cl. ) <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING" CHA►P"I -ER 18., toR•l'I(."LE 4, SECTION 18 -90 OF THH. <br />H. -�«'A i`i C��I.TY' CL.�DEi.32���f5 EL�I'['1()I,Ati AMENDED) �iELt� "1�rl�C: '1`L) <br />E'itm'A.c "m.ANSI`1' SVSTEM, ISLAND -WIDE FARE STRUCTURE, <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY 1111E COUNCIL OF THE C "OU 1TV OF HANK AVI: <br />S E( "HON 1. Chapter 18. section 18 -90 o f the Hawai ` i County Code 108' Q00' <br />' <br />edition. aN amended). is amended by amending subsection (c) to read as follows: <br />..(c•) I-kire prepigme[IL discOu1115. <br />I ,, \11 tickets f *fr travel can he prepurc based at a disc:ot111t of 1"- e111y -f Ve percem off the <br />scheduled cash faire by purchasing a sheet often tickets for S 1 5 per sheet mth do <br />expiration data ("'I -en lZide DiSCOL1111 Sheet "). <br />(2) Senior citizens ale sixty and older may prepurClIc"iSe sheet often tickcis for $7.50 per - <br />sheet with no expiration date ( IZide Discount Sheet"), after providing prool' of age <br />from a valld stare 11] card, County of l lawai' i senior ID card. driNfer's l ic'c:ilse. birth <br />certificate rc-ate or passport. <br />c3 A person with it disabilit)' 111"1)" INCpUrcha5c it shcet often tickets for $7.50 pc:r SI1cct <br />with no e \pi raticm date ('''1'en, Ride Discount Sheet " }. with a valid. -Person \V 411 <br />i)isabiIm Identification Card" itiscied bv the County ofHawari . <br />(4) Stude[11s (thl-Mlgh college) MaV I3rLpui-chase a sheet often tickets f�)r $7.50 per shc;ci <br />I <br />with no expiration date: ('1'en Ride D1SC0111,11 sliect -Lt ), with a valid school identi f feria 1011 <br />card. <br />(5) A monthly htjs pass f arc flan [y411 1a c. f }�:� � ma`r he purchased at Z1 Ct.)$t of $60 for <br />unlimited rides on all routes. Monthly passes shall be valid through the It-3st calc•ridar- <br />d�iv of each month xxith no g• period. <br />(6) Senior Citizens age sixty and alder may purchase a discounted monthly bus puss <br />offered at a east of $4S for unlimited rides on all routes. after prmiding proof~ cal age <br />from a vaild state 11) card, County of 1-h-t al' i senlor 11) card. dr'vci 's license. 1�ii-tll <br />certificate or passport. Monthly passes shall be valid through the last calemlar (k)) � f <br />each month with no grIc-ice period. <br />(7 ) A person with a d isahi l itv may piirchase a d i sCOurlted monthly buy pass c} f#creel art ti <br />cost of $45 for unlimited rides on all routes, with a valid..`I.'erson with D1.uhilit <br />Identification ic:ation Gird" issued lay the Cot"ntNr Of 11a \v4':1i` i. Montllly passes shall be � alid <br />through the last c:,ilc radar day of each h montl1 with no bract' period. <br />�. <br />�:8) Students Wirough c olle e j m-tv purchase a discounted monthiv bus pass offered at a <br />cost of $43' for unl imi tcd rides on all routes. after ter prop ;i d i ng a valid school <br />id - mific:ation card. Monthly passes shall be valid through the last calendar day of ec-ich <br />month with no grcace period. <br />