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• Connectivity to Hwy. 130 for additional access to main commercial area <br />• New Business development along the Extension to the Pahoa Park <br />• Access to State funded library <br />4. Pahoa Regional Town Center Planning Consultant -2013 CIP Approved $150k- Planning Department <br />• Future land use designations including Open Space designations <br />• Community services plan including homelessness, vagrancy, transitional housing, low- income <br />housing and senior housing <br />• Infrastructure development plan (transportation, water, sewer, electric power, parking and <br />circulation) <br />• Cost estimates and financing plan <br />5. Mauka Sidewalk and Bike Path between Malama Marketplace and Kahakai Blvd. - Public Works <br />• Public safety - currently two schools drop their keikis off at Malama Marketplace <br />• Increase foot traffic between Malama marketplace and the new Bryson center <br />• High vehicular traffic area. <br />6. Post Office Road Project from Hwy. 130 By -Pass to Village Road - Public Works and Mass Transit <br />• Public Safety <br />• Create Sidewalks and Bike Paths between HASS and Village Road <br />• Future site of Hele -On Park and Ride /Hub and Spoke <br />