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degree of resentment among life guards and visitors that could easily be corrected with clearer <br />signs and well- designed barriers. <br />Project Budget: <br />• 2013 - #20 "Ahalanui Beach Park New Comfort Station" $1,250,000. <br />A/C Champion: Kekipi Kealoha <br />A/C Tasks Completed to date: <br />• Funding to make corrections in signage, security, and fencing are identified in the current <br />County capital improvement budget (CIP). <br />A/C Next Action Item: <br />• Replace portable toilets with permanent ones <br />• Replace the boundary fence and gates <br />• Maintain, but do not pave the parking area <br />• Provide security guard, lighting, proper signage <br />5) PAHOA - Community Development Plan (PCDP 3.1.3) <br />A/C Champion: Subcommittee formed (Dan, Oshi, Madie, Rene) <br />Mark Hinshaw Planning Team Leader <br />Description: <br />Project Budget: <br />• 2013 #10 "Pahoa Sewer Feasibility Study" $300,000. <br />• 2013 # 76 "Pahoa Town Center Land" $3,259,000 <br />A/C Tasks Completed to date: <br />• Formation of Pahoa Regional Town Center Group <br />• Survey created and answered by residents <br />• 4 member A/C Subcommittee formed to attend meetings <br />• Architectural and historical reviewed <br />• Facilitate community planning teams by providing planning expertise from County Planning <br />Dept <br />A/C Next Action Item: <br />• Aug 21st - Present to Community Design Guidelines for final review, <br />o Then present Design Guidelines to County Council for Resolution <br />• Conduct a study to enable development of a wastewater management system (2013 Paha <br />Sewer Feasibility Study $300K approved) <br />• Provide funds for a planning consultant to prepare the PRTC strategic plan <br />• Develop a public parking facility at the current Luquin's gravel parking area 2013 "Pahoa <br />Town Center Land" $3,259,000 <br />• Extend present Post Office Road so it will serve a new Regional Park <br />• Widen and improve Post Office Road <br />• Construct sidewalks along the road margin between Malama Market and Bryson's Cinders <br />2 <br />