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alternative emergency exits collected from participants at presentation <br />and workshops. <br />• 9 large maps, along with corresponding smaller "make and take" <br />maps, created to show Puna subdivisions and related areas and enable <br />residents to locate their homes, determine regular exit routes and <br />suggest alternative routes should everyday routes become blocked or <br />unavailable. Surveys determining overall Emergency Preparedness of <br />Residents and Businesses, as well as Community Leaders, also created <br />with one question focusing specifically on entry and exit points. <br />• Community presentations and workshops held on June 30, July 13 and <br />August 3, 2013 provided feedback and enabled valuable revisions for <br />the PREP Fair "mapping room" which serviced many Puna residents <br />and gathered input on all maps to suggest alternative exit routes for <br />emergency and everyday use. <br />• By April 30, 2013, County, State and Federal agencies associated with <br />emergency preparedness were beginning to be invited to participate in <br />a PREP Fair that would enable the Subcommittee on Connectivity and <br />Emergency Response and Civil Defense to reach more people in the <br />Puna community faster to increase preparedness and gather input for <br />connectivity thereby improving emergency and everyday travel. <br />• With Puna's population growing so quickly, as evidenced by the 2010 <br />census, and the challenges of its limited infrastructure, the fair has <br />served as a successful vehicle to address this emergency preparedness <br />health and safety issue in a more urgent manner. The fair serviced <br />approximately 1500 people in a 6 -hour period through the <br />volunteering of close to 300 people whose 1600 hours of time just for <br />that day was valued at $32,000 who served as presenters, exhibitors or <br />in other support roles. Thirty two businesses and individuals provided <br />over $10,000 in services or in -kind contributions and close to $1800 <br />in monetary donations. Resolution 163 -13, unanimously approved by <br />the Hawaii County Council, provided $3000 from Councilman Gregor <br />Ilagan's contingency fund to help pay for a fair whose budget was less <br />than $5000. <br />On September 11 and 12, 2013, Survey and Mapping analysis meetings were held <br />at Civil Defense with Patti Pinto, Stephanie Bath, Marlene Hapai and Bill Hanson <br />in attendance and Sheena Sunio as recorder. <br />Results were shared and discussion led by Patti Pinto on the surveys and mapping <br />by Stephanie Bath. <br />Survey discussion: <br />• Need more surveyors <br />• Put surveys in presentation rooms to be filled out during down time; also <br />can be placed in mapping room and in other areas throughout fair <br />Mapping discussion: <br />