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Thanks for y our time and efforts. Respectfully submitted. If you have any questions, I'm available at your <br />convenience. Aloha. <br />MASS TRANSIT <br />Subcommittee of the PCDP <br />August 27,2013 - Mee #in Notes <br />Notes were compiled by Hannah Hedrick and edited by Marty Mimmack using the following standard <br />editing nomenclature, parenthesis ()for suggested deletions and underscore for additions. <br />Chair Marty Mimmack called the meeting to order at the Kea'a Community Center. Members <br />introduced themselves and welcomed Chris Cholas. <br />■ Members present are listed below; members absent are indicated by an "X. <br />MT Subcommittee Roster <br />Chris Cholas -HDRC <br />cscholas@ hawai i <br />Dan Taylor -AC <br /> <br />Hannah Hedrick <br /> <br />X Jerry Reiss - <br />j e rpat .98 h i lo @ gmai l .com <br />Jon Olson — Transit Commission <br />jon631 <br />June Conant -AC <br />jumemc <br />( ) x Mark Hinshaw - PVTC <br />bat l e ysdad @ hawai i an to l .net <br />Marty Mimmack - MT Chair <br />mimmackmotivational @yahoo.coM <br />Rusty Jones - <br /> <br />( ) x Sharon Daun — AC <br />to rrydaun2006 @yahoo .co m <br />( ) x Terry Daun <br />Stephanie Bath <br /> <br />1. Stephanie Bath August 4 email: Based on emails sent to the MT member list, Marty requested that <br />members filter communications through him and that they address personal issues in individual emails. <br />2. Meetin g Announcements: September 10 PCDP AC meeting at Kea'au Community Center; September <br />24 Mass Transit Subcommittee meeting and subsequent meetings will be held at the Kea' au Community <br />Center. <br />3. Review of July 23, 2013, MTS meeting notes: Marty's revised notes included comments received <br />subsequent to the Jul 23 meeting, including follow -up to the meeting with Tiffany Kai and Marlene <br />q y <br />Ha p ai's suggestion that going after mass transit funding related to MAP -21 is the County's <br />responsibility. <br />4. New Business <br />A: Preparing for, conducting, and follow -up to NITS meetings (Marty's survey): Attendees <br />P g <br />expressed their preference for a relatively "informal" process, guided by an agenda, with participation <br />"refereed" b y Marty. Chair All official subcommittee follow up is to be filtered through Marty. Civil, <br />respectful communication was emphasized. <br />B: Mass Transit Criteria: Stephanie reported on her email exchange with Kristin Hashhimoto, who <br />attended the July 23 meeting on behalf of Greggor Ilagen, District 4 Council person. Stephanie <br />requested Kristin's assistance in getting the official MTA vision and mission statements (July 31 ), <br />Kristin responded as follows: <br />"MASS TRANSIT Mission Statement: To improve the lifestyle of the residents of the County of <br />