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outcomes of the fair. She also reported on a request from DPW for a list of roadway <br />connection projects in Puna, as they have some funding available. <br />2. Mass Transit Subcommittee (MTSC). <br />Marty Mimmack submitted a written report being the minutes for the MTSC meeting held on <br />July 23 and reported on a few highlights from the meeting. <br />3. Mountain View Village Center Plan Update. <br />Frank Commendador reported that about 12 regular participants are engaged in the Mt. View <br />planning effort. The geographic planning area is from Kukui Camp Road mauka to North and <br />South Glenwood Roads. On line community surveys using Survey Monkey and a separate <br />survey of elementary to high school students have been initiated. Hard copies of the survey are <br />also being made available through several locations in the community. <br />4. Volcano Village Center Plan Report. Dan Taylor handed out a preliminary list of the top 15 <br />projects identified in the draft Volcano plan and an action statement template that will identify <br />an implementation process for each project and track its progress. <br />5. Communication No. 2012 -49: PCDP Action High Priority List. <br />Farris briefly described the additions and changes made to the list based on previous discussion <br />and new information provided by AC Members. A project description section is being added <br />for each project and he suggested also adding a budget item for each. <br />6. Budget Subcommittee. Farris moved to appoint June, Oshi, Patti and himself to the <br />Budget Subcommittee for the next fiscal cycle. Second by Patti. Motion passed with 8 <br />votes aye. <br />7. Geothermal Operations in Puna. <br />Public Testimony: <br />i. Jon Olson testified that the County of Hawaii response to the Emergency Response Plan <br />for PGV prepared by the EPA consists only of the installation of H2S monitors at the <br />Pahoa station. <br />ii. Suzanne Wakelin, Pohoiki resident, commented on the adverse noise impacts that she and <br />her husband experienced during the drilling done last year. <br />iii. Paul Kuykendall, Suzanne's husband, stated that state and county monitoring of PGV <br />can't be relied on to ensure public safety. <br />iv. Luana Jones offered her interpretation of the native Hawaiian perspective on the <br />appropriateness of geothermal power generation in Puna. <br />V. Laura Travis, part of a geothermal study group initiated by Mayor Kenoi, commented on <br />some of the health impacts associated with geothermal operations. <br />vi. Tom Travis, part of the geothermal public health working group, spoke about the amount <br />of water resources consumed in geothermal power generating operations. The importance <br />of location of geothermal operations has not been adequately studied. Faye Hanohano, <br />District 4 State Representative, testified that she and her family having lived in proximity <br />to volcanic vents have not experienced any health issues. She also offered her native <br />Hawaiian perspective regarding use of natural resources. <br />2 <br />