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other articles focusing on featured presenters, radio interviews <br />(began 2 weeks before event - 3 stations, 4 interviews) and <br />public service announcements (began 2 weeks before event). — <br />All free <br />6. Data Collection — Toni Robert, Bill Hanson, Patti Pinto, <br />Marlene Hapai (Survey development, data collecting, survey <br />conducting, analysis) — 1000 surveys being printed for fair. <br />Patti Pinto coordinating survey booth <br />7. Food — Keaau High School Athletic Club <br />Entertainment — Puna Hongwanji Taiko Drummers, Keaau <br />High School Band, KWXX On -site all day with Doug Carlson <br />as MC. Prize Give -aways on the half hour beginning at 10:00 <br />a.m. and ending at 2:30 p.m. <br />9. People Power — Following groups providing volunteer help: <br />CAP, Boy Scouts, KHS Civics Club and Scholarship Club, <br />Youth Challenge, LDS Missionaries, CERT, 55 trained at <br />mapping workshops and many other individuals <br />2. Response from Ben Ishii, DPW, to our request for DPW Connectivity Criteria. <br />Email sent 7/29/13: "The following is some of the criteria that we would be <br />concerned with. <br />• Prefer to connect to a County Road at least on one end <br />• Prefer that the road be open to traffic 24/7 and not just for emergencies <br />• We need to construct a road that meets AASHTO guidelines <br />• Prefer to do a project where there is no community opposition <br />• Prefer to do a road that will improve traffic circulation <br />• Prefer to do a road where there are no major drainage issues" <br />3. Connectivity and Emergency Response Subcommittee proposed action to Ben <br />Ishii's response to be presented for discussion and approval to PCDP Action <br />Committee: Proposed actions will be discussed at next PCDP Sub. CER <br />meeting after PREP Fair so data from fair surveys and mapping activities can <br />be included in discussion. Special meeting set for September 11th for data <br />discussion. <br />New Business: None <br />Next Meeting: September 24, 2013 — Location: Keaau CC <br />Adjournment: 6:30 p.m. <br />