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Communication No. 2013 -54 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE PUNA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br />PLAN, AS ADOPTED BY ORDINANCE NO. 08 -116 AND AMENDED BY <br />ORDINANCE NOS. 10-104,11-51,11-52,11-53,11-117 AND 11 -118, RELATING <br />TO GEOTHERMAL POWER GENERATION. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE COUNTY OF HAWAI`L <br />SECTION 1. Purpose and Findings. To establish county and community oversight <br />of geothermal development in Puna in order to address community concerns about health, <br />safety, noise, and environmental consequences of geothermal development and <br />operations. <br />SECTION 2. Chapter 3, Managing Growth, section 3.6, Energy Sustainability, is <br />amended by amending the 3rd paragraph to read as follows: <br />There are two power generation facilities in Puna. HELCO'S Puna Steam Plant and the <br />geothermal power generation source at Kapoho operated by Puna Geothermal Venture <br />(PGV). [it is unlikely that large seale expansion of geothermal power- generation wi <br />the eastem r-ift zone of Puna Will eeeuf Within the time her-iZen of the Puna Ce <br />Development Plan.4 There are currently efforts by HELCO to expand geothermal energy <br />development in Puna, concentrating the burden and environmental consequences of <br />geothermal development in one area of Hawai'i. The exploration and development of <br />geothermal power generation in Puna must be balanced with interests in preserving the <br />unique social and natural environment as described in the Malama I Ka `Aina section of <br />the PCDP. <br />There are legitimate concerns about health, safety, noise and environmental consequences <br />of geothermal development. The burden of proof must be on those who are doing or <br />wish to do geothermal development. They must show that it is not harmful to the health <br />and safety of the residents. There must be a public process at the county level where the <br />county has control over geothermal permits and the public has an opportunity to <br />participate. Due to the possible effects on the natural environment associated with <br />geothermal development, expansion of solar and wind power is the preferred avenue for <br />meeting Puna's energy needs. [On the other- hand, there is otent a to ° ptuf° exeess <br />heat for- dir-eet use in agr-ieultufal: applieations, if the PGV plant under-goes a m <br />rdi „ , <br />SECTION 3. Material to be repealed is bracketed and stricken. Material to be added <br />is underscored. In re- printing this ordinance or the Puna Community Development Plan <br />(as amended), the brackets, bracketed and stricken material, and underscoring need not be <br />included. <br />SECTION 4. Severability. If any provision of this ordinance or the application <br />thereof to any person or circumstance is held invalid, such invalidity does not affect other <br />provisions or applications of the ordinance which can be given effect without the invalid <br />