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Mass Transit Subcommittee of the PCDP <br /> Meeting Notes/Minutes—July 23, 2013, recorded and issued by marty mimmack, chair <br /> The chair called the meeting to order at 5:45 at the kea'au com. cent. <br /> Members Present: steph b., marlene h., dan t., russell j.,jon o.,june c., sharon d.,terry d., marry m., and jerry r., <br /> Member(s) Absent: mark h.,hannah h. <br /> • kristin hashimoto was introduced. she is a legislative aide from greggor pagan's office. kristin was given <br /> 2 packets of information covering the subcommittee's recent activities, actions and findings as well as <br /> recent meeting minutes, she took notes and indicated she was there to listen. She also encouraged our <br /> efforts at collaboration and the subcommittee requested that greggor refer citizens, stakeholders, elected <br /> reps. And others to the PCDP process regarding Mass transit planning and related actions. <br /> • June Conant reported on the meeting with Tiffany Kai. Her report and follow up were submitted to the <br /> subcommittee. There was a discussion about why the bus stop,routing infrastructure and scheduling <br /> criteria was not discussed with tiffany and a motion was made(by steph. B.) and passed to follow-up by <br /> developing our own criteria because of a report by john olson that Tiffany is an interim administrator <br /> and may not aware of criteria if it exists. There was also concern raised about a plan by zendo kern to <br /> possibly locate the kea`au bus terminal mauka of hwy. 11 near the town center. <br /> • Jon olson shared extensively regarding the plans for Pahoa's bus hub,it's location, needs and federal, <br /> state and county involvement. <br /> • Rusty Jones shared about the federal transit administration's current funding programs for mass transit <br /> called map-21.Marlene Hapai suggested that it is the County's responsibility to go of er funding not our <br /> committees. <br /> • The last 30 minutes of the meeting were used to talk about various topics and certain subcommittee <br /> operational policy matters. The operational concerns involve robert's rules, meeting etiquette and when <br /> certain subjects can be discussed.No decisions were made though the chair noted them for discussion at <br /> the next meeting. <br /> ■ Steph b. submitted her verbal resignation as subcommittee co-chair. Her written resignation was <br /> submitted via email to the remaining chair on july 19, 2013. <br /> Next meeting is August 27th. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15p.m. <br />