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Communication No. 2013 -50 <br />From: Joseph Owens <koja4joe> <br />Sent: Saturday, August 10, 2013 2:47 PM <br />To: (brown <br />Subject: Re: Sea View Estates <br />Mr. Brown I would like to add another comment to you. Your last draft letter (draft #2) does <br />not mention that there are people that are opposed to Space development plans. I wrote a <br />letter to your office at that time of the 1st hearing. None of the letters or mention of the <br />residents that are concerned about SeaView and the direction Space is taking. <br />Thank you for your time to read this addition to my previous letter which is also at the bottom <br />of this email letter. <br />Joe Owen <br />12 -253 Mauana Ave, SeaView Estates <br />koja4joe wrote: <br />From: "Joseph Owens" <koja4joe> <br />To: <Ibrown> <br />Subject: Sea View Estates <br />Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2013 16:12:57 -0700 <br />Dear Sir: <br />My name is Joe Owen and I live on 12 -253 Mapuana Ave. in Sea View Estates. Although I am a <br />part time resident (6 months of the year) I am concerned about Space and their development <br />near my home . <br />The amount of traffic on Saturdays is much higher than the rest of the week. The visitors usually <br />are traveling at a higher speed than residents. The noise generated by traffic in front of my <br />house makes it uncomfortable to sit on the lania and enjoy breakfast. The noise level <br />generated by evening events and traffic will make Sea View about as comfortable as sitting on <br />your lania in Hilo and their traffic. The biggest reason I elected to build a vacation hose in Sea <br />View was to get away from traffic noise and the smell of burning oil from the cars driving <br />through. <br />If alcohol is allowed then we are going to see more accidents and we will not be safe walking in <br />our own neighborhood. The streets in Sea View are not designed to accommodate the mount <br />of traffic proposed by Space. There does not seem to be any way for the residents to control <br />the noise of events as Puna Police do not have the equipment to measure it. <br />Please let SeaView stay as it is and not mess up the good thing we have. <br />Thank You, <br />Joe & Vicki owen <br />12 -253 Mapuana <br />Pahoa,HI 96778 <br />