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Communication No. 2013 -48 <br />So, yes, I understand that a few people are not happy about the idea of performances. But as <br />everyone loves the school and the market, let's be clear that, for these to continue, SPACE needs <br />more income, and for a performing arts center to have more income, it needs to perform. <br />Let's also be really clear that we are not talking about anything close to the amount of <br />performances we were having when SPACE first started, b/c when there was a venue for people <br />to utilize, we got tons of requests from the community for people to have stuff here. And we <br />said yes to everybody, because we wanted to serve the needs of the community. But we learned <br />that that was too much impact on people, and we are cutting it way, way down to only 24 <br />performances a year. I did say that at the hearing, but I just want to re- iterate that this is a major <br />difference. <br />I also want to say, as for people not wanting any performances at SPACE -- they are missing <br />out! In addition to food, education, and other needs, people need to have their minds and <br />emotions stimulated positively and nourished. Art and performance do this for people. What a <br />treat that we can have it in our own backyard! And while there are a few people with concerns, <br />most people who've talked to me about it really miss having more fun and enlivening stuff at <br />SPACE. They miss the performances. And of course, you heard the children testify about how <br />they need to be able to perform there. <br />To speak on a very personal note: As was mentioned at the meeting, at least 3 of 5 of the main <br />people who are complaining about SPACE also have some sort of major beef with one person <br />here in the community -- and I understand, b/c while this person is wonderful at vision and <br />building things, he's sometimes very bad at diplomacy and PR. Thankfully now we have <br />Jenna. But, on a very personal note, this is breaking my heart that people who have been rubbed <br />the wrong way by this one person are taking it out on a very, very valuable community resource, <br />including the school and the farmers' market. If they work against that one person via SPACE, <br />they are working against all of us. I'd love to see some healing happen there, and some balance. <br />PLEASE DO share my email with the rest of your committee. Please let them read my words, <br />and also as a committee I hope it becomes very clear for everyone that to have these invaluable <br />services to the community of school and market, SPACE MUST have more income. And, unless <br />bags of money start falling from the sky, SPACE needs to be able to bring in its own income to <br />be sustainable. <br />Thank you so much for working with us. Graham Ellis was, of course, the visionary for SPACE <br />(and I'm grateful for all his efforts), but SPACE has grown into something way, way bigger than <br />any one person. Please help us to preserve this invaluable community resource, and help it to <br />flourish. <br />Mahalo and Aloha, <br />Kristen O'Guin <br />