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Communication No. 2013 -45 <br />distribution in Pahoa and to share with Farris Etterlee. Jerry <br />Reiss commended for his 30+ solicitations thus far. Both <br />Gregor Ilagan and Zendo Kern helping with getting funding. <br />4. Program — schedule for the day, written program with map of <br />campus (building/keys), participating sponsors, information <br />cards on major sponsors: Presently collecting information. <br />Programs will be ready to hand out on day of event by ushers, <br />along with bag donated by KTA — Marlene Hapai, Marty <br />Mimmack, Bill Hanson <br />5. Publicity — Marlene Hapai, Jerry Reiss, Marty Mimmack, Bill <br />Hanson <br />Articles to Leigh Critchlow: General (already published <br />7/4/13, second article submitted regarding 7/13 workshop. <br />Need someone for Marlene to send articles to that has <br />connections with all media to get broader coverage <br />Will need to apply a 3:2:1 strategy as we draw closer, ie., 3 <br />weeks before, 2 weeks before, 1 week before: especially HI. <br />Tribune Herald Calendar and other articles focusing on <br />featured presenters, radio interviews and public service <br />announcements. — All free <br />6. Data Collection — Toni Robert, Bill Hanson, Patti Pinto, <br />Marlene Hapai (Survey development, data collecting, survey <br />conducting, analysis) — original surveys produced by Bill <br />Hanson re- distributed for further input. Will continue to seek <br />input to make sure all pertinent information is collected <br />through survey. <br />7. Food — Keaau High School, QLCC — QLCC unable to help <br />fund food this year. Keaau High School Athletic Dept. being <br />asked to do food and is still considering. <br />8. Entertainment — Puna Hongwanji Taiko Drummers, Keaau <br />High School Band, KWXX On -site all day with Doug Carlson <br />as disk jockey, Prize Give -aways on the half hour beginning at <br />10:00 a.m. and ending at 2:30 p.m. <br />3. Further Input to Surveys for PREP Fair to Bill Hanson — still accepting <br />New Business: <br />1. Inquiry from Ben Ishii, DPW. "Could you provide me with a list of locations <br />of the various "Street Connectors" proposed for the PCDP ?" <br />