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has grant from the Federal Farmers Market Support program <br />would also be consistent with the PCDP. <br />The PCDP sec 3.2 states: "Small scale, independent operations <br />face several additional challenges: 1) finding efficient, cost- <br />effective ways to get products to market, whether for export or <br />local consumption; 2) acquiring and maintaining specialized <br />equipment, facilities, and other infrastructure; 3) providing <br />security to prevent pilferage of products; 4) securing labor <br />assistance at the times when needed. <br />There are opportunities, as well as challenges, for the growth <br />of economic activity in Puna: <br />Agricultural tourism is emerging as part of a mix of <br />attractions that draw visitors to Puna. With the rebirth of <br />native Hawaiian culture and new appreciation for nature, Puna <br />has established itself as a premier natural and cultural <br />attraction, with Hawaii') Volcanoes National Park as a main <br />draw. Eco- tourism generates income by providing community - <br />based services to visitors of natural and cultural sites in a way <br />that protects and nurtures the natural and cultural systems, in <br />a manner that is economically sustainable." <br />2. Music, circus, and theatre productions (all of them <br />acoustic, not amplified) at the SPACE farmers market are <br />clearly supported by the PCDP. Also, hosting up to 2 <br />community events per month that end by 7:00 p.m. and do not <br />otherwise disrupt the normal tranquility of the residential <br />character of the community would be appropriate. <br />PCDP Section 3.2.3h states: "Develop an agri/ecotourism <br />policy, including necessary zoning legislation. Provide County <br />assistance and support for agri- tourism, emphasizing and <br />prioritizing off-farm agri- tourism opportunities such as <br />farmers markets, special events; restaurants specializing in <br />local food products; and fusion of local agricultural products <br />with cultural and arts events in Puna... " <br />