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your Commission/Committee. The County's Code of Ethics also applies to ensure that <br />, PP <br />confidential or privileged information gained In your role as a Commissioner /Member that is not <br />made available to the general public shall not be disclosed to anyone. Since the p ublid is invited <br />to attend your HCPO, there will be attendees present who may appear before you in various <br />capacities, such as applicants, planning consultants and attorneys, among others. So when <br />talking amongst your fellow Coninnssioners/Members or with other attendees, just be mindful of <br />what is being discussed amongst yourselves. This reminder is not to event you from <br />p <br />interacting with your fellow Commissioners/Members or other attendees or from havin g a <br />memorable and enjoyable experience at the HCPO. We simply wish to make you aware of laws <br />that govern your conduct at all times. <br />For conference details, including the program, activities, and hotel reservations please visit the <br />following website- litt : / /coh . lannl.n de /HCP020l 3. To register or for additional <br />information, please contact Rachelle Ley at 808 961-8125 orb` �iounty. ov . <br />