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to goods <br />• HVC has strived to address neighbor concerns over noise and traffic impacts <br />• The objections of the few are outweighing the will of the many <br />• SPACE activities provide youth with constructive alternatives <br />• Having to travel around the island to conduct performances is expensive and stressful for <br />performers and staff <br />• SPACE provides a community gathering place <br />• County complaint system is unfair <br />• SPACE serves as an alternative to drug use by the young <br />Testifiers: <br />(1) Jenna Way, Seaview resident and Executive Dire <br />(2) Yvette Taylor, a founding member of KAPONO. <br />(3) Suzette Ridolfi, lot owner adjacent to Bellyacres_ <br />(4) Sheri Joy, SPACE Steering Committee Member. <br />(5) Annetta Lucero, volunteer teacher at SPACE. <br />(6) Malia Moe, SPACE and charter school student <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />Rene moved to approve the minutes of the May 14, 2013 meeting as submitted. Second by <br />Dan. Motion passed with 8 votes aye. <br />2 <br />