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effect a land trust, with no personal ownership or title with all structures on the property <br />belonging to the non - profit, which is managed by a board of 35 stewards. This is an <br />intentional community sustainable living initiative striving to ensure that the VGS aina <br />and facilities are passed on to the next generation responsibly. The Village Green Society <br />has leased three acres of its property to HVC for SPACE at a price of $1 annually and <br />receives no other income from SPACE. <br />In 1987, the mission statement for our 501c3 organization was "to promote the healthy <br />development of children and community." In 2007, when SPACE opened, our Board <br />adopted a new mission statement "to creatively promote sustainable community <br />development in Puna Makai." <br />We are a service organization focused on actions that build the networks and social <br />capital required by healthy communities. Our organization has developed a huge amount <br />of credibility for being pioneers in Puna. We have received many positive and <br />encouraging responses regarding our service to the local community, including several <br />endorsements from local and state government officials: <br />Governor Neil Abercrombie "I commend all of those who reinforced your <br />organization in providing numerous services to the public. " <br />Lt Governor Brian Schatz " The service provided... for the Hawaii Public, <br />including the support of the Puna Makai community is exemplary. " <br />Senator Daniel Inouye "... a positive, enriching and safe place that helps to <br />motivate the entire community with a focus on self- sufficiency and self- <br />improvement. " <br />Senator Daniel Akaka "... has a long list of public service, including the support <br />of the Puna Makai community" <br />Representative Colleen Hanubusa "Thank you for being an example of publ is <br />service by encouraging a stronger community." <br />As residents in Seaview for over 26 years, VGS members and Bellyacres residents have <br />served on the boards of numerous community groups, such as Chairman of the original <br />Seaview Community Association Board, as present Chairman of the Hawaii Sustainable <br />Community Alliance, current President of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Puna, <br />current board member of KAPGNG and the HAAS charter school, and as past members <br />of the Puna Community Council, Pahoa Mainstreet Association, Friends of the Akebono <br />Theater, Pahoa Elementary School Management Board, and Chairman of the Weed and <br />Seed Youth Action Committee. <br />We believe that we are educated, well- informed community members and have the <br />credibility to represent our community on certain issues. Our farmers' market, charter <br />