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happiness. In sharing best practices with each other, we know that SPACE has also <br />made such efforts and have made significant strides in this area. All we can do going <br />forward is improve. <br />We all want to live in a community where we work together to solve our <br />problems. Kalani's goal in being here today is to support SPACE, in everything they <br />do, as an essential part of our Community. SPACE not only brings people together, <br />sharing resources and talents to better our Community,, but serves as an important <br />community provider with its service to keiki. I am consistently amazed at the amount <br />of requests that I receive for child care, day camps, afterschool programming or <br />anything keiki related. We have had the confidence in our colleagues at SPACE to <br />refer all such request over to their team and have been more than pleased in the way <br />they have met these requests and met the needs of our local families. I have recently <br />learned of a collaborative effort with one of Kalani's Management Team who will soon <br />be delivering keiki programming at SPACE. I couldn't be more supportive. <br />My greatest hope for the PCDP Action Committee is to reframe their opposition into <br />constructive and helpful feedback, which will help guide the organization as it strives <br />to meet community needs. We all admire the efforts of SPACE, its people and its <br />programming. - -let's work together to shape this noble effort and remarkable vision <br />to meet everyone's needs within our community. <br />A thriving community must have community services —and we have <br />remarkable people poised to offer them. Opposing the organization today will <br />never allow its potential for greatness to flourish. Let's support, advise, and collectively <br />move our communities forward for the greater good. <br />