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above were invited to join the SPACE Advisory Committee, a committee of local residents <br />that provide advice to Executive Director, Jenna Way; two declined and one, resident Uschi <br />Snover accepted and attended the Advisory Committee's June meeting <br />5. concerns about SUP amendment requests -- are being addressed through redevelopment of <br />the amendment to represent the feedback provided by Seaview Estates residents at the May <br />2013 meeting mentioned above and include mitigation strategies based on proper research <br />and development; as mentioned above residents have been invited to join our advisory <br />committee <br />In the recent letter drafted by the PCDP, HVC is falsely accused of operating as a business more than a <br />community ervice. The current state of the non - profit sector here on Big Island and throughout the <br />y <br />nation has driven non - profit organizations to develop internal revenue sources to keep their doors open. <br />What designates them as 501c3 non - profits is not that they do not have a revenue source but that the <br />revenue source is used appropriately to pursue their non - profit mission as a public benefit organization. <br />All revenues generated by HVC are used to provide: <br />1. a local site for public charter school classrooms <br />2. facilitate performing arts workshops and classes <br />3. enable young performers to perform (currently at locations other than SPACE) <br />4. provide a local market place for small business incubation <br />The goals of the SUP amendment is to enhance these non - profit activities, ensure their long -term <br />sustainability, and to augment future developments made by local businesses, government agencies, <br />and non - profit organizations. The amendment is proposing to enhance the PCDP village center model <br />b y providing some of the services all levels of government and the majority of residents deem <br />beneficial to their community, not proposing to be the village center. <br />I understand the language and requests in the SUP amendment appear overbearing to some residents <br />and those of you volunteering your time to represent and guide Puna through the CDP process in <br />planning tannin for our rapidly - growing district's future. My request that is you await the new draft of HVC's <br />SUP amendment that addresses the concerns of neighbors and has a proper Traffic Impact Analysis <br />Report before reacting to an outdated version with incomplete information. It is my experience that <br />P <br />Executive Director, Jenna Way and her team of staff and volunteers will work with all of you to <br />address concerns regarding our SUP and help provide solutions. <br />Thank you for our time end consideration, <br />Maura K. Herli y <br />I P rovide permission to Jenna Way, HVC Executiv, Director, to provide this testimony to a HVC <br />P � <br />volunteer for spoken testimony. Signed, `� Maura K. Herlihy <br />page 2 of 2 <br />