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HPP Pathways Master Plan <br />June 2013 <br />INTRODUCTION <br />The vision for development of pedestrian walkways and bikeways in Hawaiian Paradise <br />Park (HPP) has been conceptual for a number of years. The current recorded efforts to <br />provide impetus for development of pathways in HPP were noted as general issues in <br />the Hawaiian Paradise Park Owners Association Bylaws (Hawaiian Paradise Park <br />Owners Association, 2009) when it references in Article IV the need to "maintain, <br />manage, preserve, and protect the commonly owned roadway easements... and to <br />promote social and recreational activities within the Hawaiian Paradise Park <br />subdivision." <br />As the population of HPP has dramatically increased and limitations of our road system <br />have become apparent, more interest has been focused on providing a future vision of <br />how we can improve the safety of walking and biking in HPP. In October 1993, a group <br />of visionary HPP citizens drafted the original Hawaiian Paradise Park Community <br />Master Plan. This document provided a vision for the future development of the HPP <br />Community. The new plan of 2005 vintage emphasized the need for <br />walkways /bikeways to provide safe connections in HPP (Hawaiian Paradise Park <br />Owners Association Master Plan Revision Committee, 2005). The document noted that <br />" HPPOA embraces the construction of pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths <br />throughout the subdivision, especially Railroad Avenue." <br />Support for development of a network of pedestrian /bicycle pathways is found in a <br />variety of planning documents from various levels of government that govern the HPP <br />subdivision. The State of Hawaii Department of Transportation created Bike Plan <br />Hawaii (2003), which outlines four priority levels for pathway development in the state <br />and designates a number of priority level 1 (near term) proposals within HPP. In 1979, <br />the County of Hawaii created The Bikeway Plan (County of Hawaii, 1979). Although <br />that Bikeway Plan is over 30 years old, the current County of Hawaii General Plan <br />(County of Hawaii, 2012) supports incorporation of that Bikeway Plan for the county, <br />and specifically outlines a course of action for possible bikeway development along <br />Railroad Avenue in HPP. Likewise, the Puna Community Development Plan (Puna <br />Community Development Plan Steering Committee, 2011) outlines a goal of safe <br />walking and bicycling routes to schools, parks, and bus stops, and denotes the specific <br />action item of constructing multi - purpose trails, two of which are within HPP. The goal <br />of having pathways for walking and biking for HPP is supported by the development <br />plans for the County of Hawaii and District of Puna as well as the Bike Plan for the State <br />of Hawaii. <br />In December 2011, PATH Hawaii, the 501c3 non - profit dedicated to development of <br />biking and walking paths, visited with interested residents of HPP along with two staff of <br />Hawaiian Paradise Park Owners Association ( HPPOA). This group advocated for <br />residents of HPP to begin organizing for development of pathways in HPP and the <br />greater community. In June 2012, at the quarterly HPPOA General Membership <br />1 <br />