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with Leigh Critchlow on this (Connection made by Stephanie. <br />Marlene to draft article and send to Leigh.) <br />3. Fundraising /Sponsors — Marlene Hapai, Patti Pinto, Bill <br />Hanson <br />A motion was made by Stephanie Bath, seconded by <br />Jerry Rheiss and unanimously approved to have <br />Marlene Hapai and Patti Pinto oversee finances for the <br />fair, to include collecting and recording all items and <br />monies received prior to submitting their receipt to <br />VOAD, should they be the 501 c -3 of record. <br />4. Program — schedule for the day, written program with map of <br />campus (building/keys), participating sponsors — Marlene <br />Hapai, Marty Mimmack, Bill Hanson <br />Include Entertainment: suggestions for day: Pahoa Hongwanji <br />Taiko Drummers, Keaau High School Band, Puna Men's Chorus, <br />N -2 (YWCA), Brudda Cuz <br />All need to be contacted to see if willing to participate. Other <br />suggestions are still welcome <br />5. Emergency Response Mapping Make and Take — Stephanie <br />Bath, Marlene Hapai, Bill Hanson <br />First session recommended for June 30 at the end of HPP <br />Community meeting. Awaiting approval. <br />Training sessions for fair: July 13th and August 3rd <br />Recommended to put dots on map to show where people are <br />from — Will use large, laminated Civil Defense map showing <br />all Puna subdivisions and surrounding areas for sessions. <br />Issues Wall also recommended to record any issue associated <br />with connectivity, emergency response or related issues. <br />6. Publicity — Marlene Hapai, Jerry Rheiss, Marty Mimmack, <br />Bill Hanson, Pua Evans (need to ask her) <br />List of publicity on PREP Fair overview plan. Right now we <br />need to get the word out when and where the fair is happening, <br />what it is composed of, its purpose /s, and invite participants, <br />encourage sponsors, and have people save the date. This will <br />be done via Marlene's article to Leigh Critchlow. <br />7. Data Collection (Survey development, data collecting, survey <br />conducting, analysis) — Toni Robert, Bill Hanson, Marlene <br />Hapai <br />New Business: None <br />Next Meeting: June 25, 2013, 5:30 p.m. — Keaau Community Center <br />Adjournment: 7:00 p.m. <br />