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2. Communication No. 2013 -25: Mass Transit Subcommittee (MTSC). <br />Marty Mimmack gave an overview of the MTSC meeting held on April 23 and requested <br />clarification of the AC's position on the March 14, 2013 AC letter to Tiffany Kai, interim <br />manager of the Mass Transit Agency. <br />June Conant offered her observations on the new MTA service in HPP. <br />Dan moved to have the MTSC meet ASAP with Mass Transit Director, Tiffany Kai. <br />Second by June. Motion passes with 6 votes aye. <br />Communication No. 2013 -24: Request for Scholarships to Attend Hawaii Conference of <br />Planning Officials (HCPO). <br />Larry explained the Planning Director's memo regarding ding or CDP AC member <br />participation in the September 2013 HCPO conference being hosted by the County of Hawaii <br />Planning Department at the Sheraton Kona Resort and Spa at`Keauhou Bay. <br />June moved to request the PCDP AC be considered for a discounted tuition rate for the <br />HCPO conference. Second by Dan. Motion passed with 6 votes aye. <br />4. Communication No. 2012 -57: PCDP AC Comments on Application for Amendments to <br />Special Permit Application No. 1122 (SPP 1122). <br />Public Testimony: <br />i. Michael Flynn, Kalapana Seaview Estates resident and property owner immediately <br />adjacent to Belly Acres and a few hundred feet from S.P.A.C.E., testified against the <br />size and scope of the activities being proposed in the requested amendments to SPP <br />1122. <br />ii. Ursula Snover, Kalapana Seaview Estates resident and rental property owner, testified <br />against the number and frequency of events proposed by the amendments to SPP 1122 <br />and the loss of peace and quiet in their neighborhood. <br />iii. Athena Peanut, Kalapana Seaview Estates resident, testified that she was among those <br />that supported S.P.A.C.E.'s original Special Permit application, but now opposes the <br />expanded activities being proposed particularly the use of amplified music, on site <br />performances and issuance of a liquor license. <br />iv. Kelly Finn, Kalapana Seaview Estates resident directly across the street from <br />S.P.A.C.E., testified against on -site fundraising performances due to noise and traffic <br />conc s impacting the neighboring Seaview residents. <br />V. Susan erley, Kalapana Seaview Estates resident directly across the street from <br />S.P.A.C.E., testified that the recent cessation of events has been a welcome relief for her <br />and asked that the expanded scope of proposed activities in the amendments be scaled <br />back to be more in line with what was originally allowed under SPP 1122. <br />Additional discussion by the AC ensued in which some members pointed out several <br />unsupported assumptions, inaccuracies and deficiencies they believe are contained in the <br />amendment application. They also noted the historical failure of Hawaii Volcano Circus, Ltd. <br />and its related enterprises to adhere to the parameters and conditions of the original Special <br />Permit. Members also discussed and suggested talking points for what should be discussed in <br />the AC comment letter, including: <br />2 <br />