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(NVIROMr4CWTAL <br />that you note. It is important to realize, also, that traffic and population are not <br />equivalent, although they are certainly directly related. The number of vehicles per <br />capita for Hawaii in 2007 is reported as 0.76 by the Federal Highways Administration. <br />This means that a 24.5% increase in population would imply in an increase in the number <br />of vehicles of 19 %. <br />We also encourage you to consider the positive traffic impacts of this project, as its <br />construction will result in fewer vehicle trips to Hilo and Keaau and would improve <br />traffic on the Pahoa Highway. <br />Thank you very much for your consideration. <br />Sincerely, <br />Graham Knopp, Principal — GK Environmental <br />Cc: Mai *a Cottle, CGH Planning Department, Jon McElvaney, Project Consultant <br />