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There are differing proposed decibel levels associated with their proposed activities, <br />however, these numbers (45 -6o dBA) mean nothing to me. How about some testing <br />of that? How does 45 and 60 dBA sound at our houses? And if the permit is granted <br />with these stipulations, there is no description of how this would be monitored and <br />maintained. It is also worth noting that rehearsals are often amplified as well as <br />performances. It is interesting to note the word "amplified' is not mentioned in the <br />permit application. <br />I think the school and the farmer's market are an asset to our community and <br />support them despite the noise they generate. Frankly, I get no other "community <br />benefit" from SPACE or HVC. Unlike Kalani Honua, which offers many activities, <br />including classes and lectures for free or low cost to residents, HVC offers very little <br />for me to participate in and benefit from. This is their prerogative, however, it <br />should be noted as throughout their application is mention of their alleged <br />community benefits. I believe there are benefits to the school kids and their parents; <br />and to those who attend the farmer's market but I am unclear as to specifically what <br />benefits to the overall community they will provide. The proposed nightly bazaar is <br />not needed as there is a Wednesday night market at Uncle Robert's awa bar in <br />Kalapana which is well utilized and already in existence. <br />I was also confused by the permit application Section 3.1) surrounding land use <br />section which does not even describe Seaview or the fact that the subject property, <br />especially the pavilion building, is hundreds of feet, or less, from many residences. <br />In fact many Seaview homes are from 3 to 4 times closer to the Pavilion than is <br />Graham Ellis' home on the far end of their 10-acre parcel! Section 3.1) makes it <br />appear SPACE is located in the middle of empty lava fields! <br />Section 3J and 3.K describing access to the site and traffic impacts fails to mention <br />that their proposed 300 -400 cars per week go by many residences and this is an <br />impact in itself. As previously mentioned, the gravel parking lot and driveway <br />generates noise, which does impact the immediate neighborhood already. The <br />Section (3.K.1) describing how SPACE would increase traffic proportionally fails to <br />note that this is for the overall subdivision not for the route to SPACE which is <br />disproportionally utilized (not equally). This contributes to cumulative impacts on <br />certain roads and residences. <br />Lastly, Section 4.13 describes a neighborhood group (again which I've never heard <br />about) which has developed a "soundproofing plan ". However, without requiring <br />actual soundproofing modifications to the Pavilion prior to permit issuance there is <br />no guarantee any soundproofing, nonetheless adequate soundproofing, would ever <br />be implemented. <br />We strongly suggest that before permit issuance is given serious consideration, <br />sound mitigation is required to be implemented apriori in order to minimize undue <br />impacts to Seaview residents. This would include treating the parking lots and <br />driveways (paving, putting down permeable pavement as a more ecologically sound <br />2 <br />